Shopping at Plaza Kukulcan Cancun: The Complete Guide 2023

Plaza Kukulcan Cancun is a shopping center you do not want to miss while in Cancun. When you need a break from the tropical sunshine, Cancun has several great shopping centers to visit and Plaza Kukulkan is one of them.

Whether you are looking for souvenirs or gifts, or just want to change up your wardrobe, you can find what you are looking for here. Keep reading to learn all about Plaza Kukulcan in Cancun. 

Plaza kukulcan hall
Plaza Kukulcan Hall

Plaza Kukulcan in Cancun: At a glance

Plaza Kukulcan is located in the Cancun hotel zone at kilometer 13.5. It opened in 1992 and has since been renovated. The shopping center has two levels filled with shops and restaurants.

While in the mall you will have panoramic views of the Nichupte lagoon and the entire mall is enclosed and air-conditioned which makes shopping a lot more comfortable on a hot day.

Plaza Kukulcan is open daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. 

What to find at Plaza Kukulcan in Cancun

Plaza Kukulcan is a great shopping center to visit in Cancun because it has a wide variety of stores and restaurants, for all different budgets.

Mind it’s smaller than Plaza La Isla and it doesn’t offer the same variety of shops but you can still find quite an interesting array of goods. Here is more about what you can find at Plaza Kukulcan:

plaza kukulcan entrance cancun
Plaza Kukulcan Entrance

1. Wide variety of stores

One reason to make sure to take time to stroll through the Kukulcan Plaza in Cancun is that it has a lot of different stores.

You can find things you will need for your beach vacation, such as swimsuits and sunglasses, and you can also find souvenirs, jewelry, and clothes.

The shops range from small boutiques to large department stores, and there is even a grocery store! If you work up an appetite while shopping you can get snacks like ice cream or treat yourself to a great meal. 

International & local brands

Plaza Kukulcan has a mix of well-known international and regional stores. You can find well-known brands such as Oakley, Forever 21, and Zingara.

Motorcycle enthusiasts will want to make sure they stop at the Harley-Davidson shop. If you want to check out something different, make sure to go into La Ruta de Los Indias where you will find everything from swords to ships in a bottle. 

Luxury Avenue entrance cancun
Luxury Avenue entrance Cancun

Soriana supermarket

Soriana is one of the largest supermarket chains in Mexico. Whether you need to stock up on groceries for your condo or just want to pick up some snacks, you will find everything you need here. This grocery store has a bakery, fresh produce, and plenty of dry goods all at good prices. 

2. Luxury Avenue

Luxury Avenue is exactly what the name implies- a place to shop for internationally known designer, luxury brands.

Luxury Avenue is located within Plaza Kukulcan although it’s considered a different mall and is an upscale shopping experience where you can find an impressive variety of high-end brands such as Cartier, Rolex, Carolina Herrera, and Montblanc.

In addition to this, Luxury Avenue has a watermaker service. If you plan to shop there, be prepared to spend top dollar. Or, you can simply do some window shopping. 

3. Restaurants

You can find options to eat a snack or enjoy a nice meal at Plaza Kukulcan. There is a Haagen Dazs ice cream shop, or if you are in the mood for tacos you can stop at Pastorero.

If you want to treat yourself to a great steak you can eat at the internationally known Ruth’s Chris steakhouse one of the top restaurants in the Hotel Zone of Cancun

Ilios Restaurant Cancun
Restaurant Ilios – in front of Plaza Kukulcan

4. Colorful souvenirs

No matter how many times you have visited Cancun you will want to pick up some colorful souvenirs before leaving.

Plaza Kukulcan has shops where you can pick up Mexican handicrafts, such as handblown glass, silver jewelry, and unique textiles and clothing.

If you are looking for souvenirs that say Cancun, you will find t-shirts, hats, bags, and beach towels. 

 5. Bank & ATMs

If you need to visit a bank or ATM, Plaza Kukulcan has three banks to use. There is a CiBanco, Santander, and Banorte to choose from.

6. Pharmacy

There is a pharmacy located in Plaza Kukulcan in case you need to pick up any medications or supplies. 

Where is Plaza Kukulcan located in Cancun?

Plaza Kukulcan is located at kilometer 13 in the Cancun hotel zone. See it on Google Maps

Plaza Kukulcan Map

Plaza Kukulcan Cancun Map

How to get to Plaza Kukulcan Cancun?

The Cancun hotel zone is designed to make it easy for visitors to move around. Depending on where you are staying, you may be able to walk to the shopping center. If not, you can easily drive, take a taxi, or use the public bus. 

Take a Bus

For just a few pesos you can hop on the R1 or R2 public buses and ride it to Plaza Kukulcan. The Cancun hotel zone is a long peninsula with one road that runs along it- this means that you do not have to worry about a bus taking a turn you were not expecting and getting lost. 

Bus at the Cancun Hotel Zone Kukulcan Plaza


It is easy to find a taxi in the hotel zone. Taxis in Cancun do not have meters, but they are outrageously expensive.

So make sure you agree on a price for the ride with the driver before getting into the taxi. It is a good idea to have an idea of how much the taxi fare should cost, so make sure to ask your concierge.

If the taxi driver quotes too high of a price, just wait for the next driver to come by. Cancun also has Uber, although there are not always a lot of drivers available and if you are calling them from the Hotel Zone they won’t come because that’s “Taxi territory” and they could go in trouble for picking you up there.

However, they are allowed to take you from downtown Cancun to the Hotel Zone, without a problem, if you are calling them from a place that’s not close to a taxi stand.

Rent a car/drive

If you already have a rental car, Plaza Kukulcan is an easy place to drive to. There is parking both inside and outside of the plaza.

If you are considering renting a car in Cancun I would recommend checking out Discover Cars where you can compare rates and purchase affordable car insurance.

Shopping at Plaza Kukulcan Cancun Tips

✔️ Know what you are buying

Stores will mark prices in pesos. Try to have an idea of the exchange rate while you are shopping so you know what the prices are.

✔️ Have pesos or know your credit card exchange rate

Most stores will accept American dollars, but they can set their own exchange rate. The exchange rate should be clearly posted near the cash register and is usually a bit lower than the bank exchange rate. It can be a good idea to exchange some money for pesos before going shopping. 

Cancun hotel Zone at sunset
Cancun hotel Zone at sunset

✔️ Make sure you get your taxes refunded at the airport before leaving

One great thing about shopping in Cancun that many tourists do not take advantage of is the Money Back program.

As a visitor, you are entitled to a refund on the sales tax of purchases over 1,200 pesos with participating stores. Look for a money-back sticker on the window or ask an employee while you are shopping.

To get the money back you will need to take your receipt and passport to the Money Back counter at the Cancun airport

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a supermarket in Plaza Kukulcan Mall in Cancun?

Yes, there is a Soriana supermarket in the Plaza Kukulcan, one of the most popular brand in Mexico for grocery shopping. Others are Walmart and Chedraui.

Is there parking in Plaza Kukulcan Cancun?

Yes, there is a large parking lot at Plaza Kukulcan. 

Final Thoughts: Shopping at Plaza Kukulcan Cancun

Plaza Kukulcan is a great shopping center to visit while in Cancun because it has everything you need. You can buy souvenirs, jewelry, clothing, and even groceries there! Plus, the plaza conveniently has banks, a pharmacy, and restaurants.

To top it all off, Plaza Kukulcan does not get as crowded as some of Cancun’s other shopping centers, making it a relaxing experience to go there! 

Also, there is one of the best beaches in Cancun nearby and you can find the entrance right behind the plaza with great parking spaces.

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