Mercado 28 Cancun: Everything You Must Know Before Visiting

Wondering about visiting Mercado 28 in Cancun?

If you are planning to visit Mercado 28 this post is a useful quick guide that you should read, especially the part about scams.

Mercado 28 is a must-visit market for buying souvenirs. Many people can relate to having a love-hate relationship with shopping while on vacation.

You want to find some great souvenirs or local products to take home but do not want to spend too much of your precious vacation shopping.

You can take care of all your souvenir needs with a stop at Mercado 28 in Cancun.

Mercado 28 souvenirs stalls
Cancun – Photo by Norbert Heidenbluth from Flickr

Mercado 28 in Cancun: At a glance

Mercado 28 is a large market located in downtown Cancun. Its colorful stalls have everything you could ask for from typical souvenirs to handicrafts.

And, as a bonus, Mercado 28 has some of Cancun’s best cheap eats. You can spend some time shopping and then reenergize with an authentic snack.

Even if you are staying in the hotel zone, it is worth a trip downtown to check out this shopping area. 

Mercado 28 Map

Mercado 28 Map
Photo © Google Maps – Click on the image to open Google Maps and find your way to Mercado 28 in Cancun

What to find at Mercado 28 Cancun?

Maybe a better question to ask is…what can you NOT find at Mercado 28?

This busy market has a little bit of everything- if you are willing to look around. The amount of goods can be overwhelming, but if you have patience you can find some treasures.

Mercado 28 street surrounded by trees
Mercado 28 Street – Photo from Flickr by Kirt Edblom

👉🏻 Colorful Souvenirs 

Whether you are looking for a souvenir for yourself or gifts to take home to family and friends, Mercado 28 is a great place to look for souvenirs.

You will find a huge variety of t-shirts, hats, and all sorts of colorful gifts to take home with you. 

👉🏻 Authentic handmade crafts

Mercado 28 in Cancun is a great place to check out Mexican handicrafts.

Mexico is known for a variety of handmade products including colorful textiles, embroidered clothing, colorful glass, leather, and so much more.

Look around the market to find some beautiful and authentic Mexican products.

Don’t forget to check out the authentic Mexican candies, vanilla, coffee, and tequila options too!

👉🏻 Local foods and restaurants

No trip to Mercado 28 would be complete without eating some delicious local food.

There is a section of the market with small restaurants and food stalls. This is your chance to really eat like a local. The restaurants here serve regional favorites with plenty of hot sauce. 

Mercado 28 Shops
Cancun – Photo by Norbert Heidenbluth from Flickr

Things to know before shopping at Mercado 28 Cancun

A visit to Mercado 28 is a must-do for shopping in Cancun. Here are a few things to know to make your visit a success.

1. Some bus/taxi does not drop you directly at Mercado 28

Mercado 28 is in downtown Cancun. It is easy to get there from the hotel zone.

You can take the R2 bus- just let the driver know that you want to be dropped off at Mercado 28. Just beware that the bus stop is not actually at Mercado 28, it is, confusingly enough, at a shopping center called Market 28.

Do not let this pink-colored building with jewelry shops trick you- the real deals are at Mercado 28.

All you need to do to get to the real Mercado 28 is walk a few more blocks up the street and you will come to a large archway that is the real entrance to Mercado 28. 

If you are already in downtown Cancun, you might be able to walk to Mercado 28. It is a short distance from the ADO bus station and Parque Las Palapas. 

2. Don’t buy the first item you see

With so many stalls to look through, it can be tempting to buy the first item you see.

Remember, the market is huge and many shops sell similar items. Take the time to shop around, find exactly what you want, and check the price at various stalls.

You do not want to have shopper’s remorse because you purchased something without checking out all your options.

Shops in Mercado 28
Mercado 28 shops – Photo from Flickr by twomby

3. Don’t pay for the full price; bargain instead

When you start shopping around in Mercado 28 you will quickly notice that nothing has a marked price.

This is because shop owners expect to bargain with you for the price. Know your budget and ask the vendors what the price is, and then make a counteroffer.

Since so many vendors sell similar products ask around different shops to find the best deal Hip: Never let the seller see you are emotionally committed to an item. Be prepared to walk away if the price seems too high.

Most of the time they will call you back over with a better price. If not, you can always find a similar version of the item you want.  

4. Be aware of jewelry store scams

Be careful when you are shopping for jewelry. Vacation destinations are notorious for shops that sell fake, or poor-quality jewelry.

If you are going to shop for jewelry, especially silver, do your homework before going. It helps if you have an idea of what a piece of jewelry should cost and how to tell if it is fake or not.

Take your time to really examine the jewelry and remember, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

5. Local vendors can be persistent

For many visitors, it can be a bit of a culture shock to go to a market where the vendors are aggressively trying to sell you something.

Be prepared when you enter Mercado 28 that there will be persistent vendors who try to engage you in conversation, show you their goods, and work hard to get a sale.

If you are not interested in a product just simply say “No, gracias” and keep moving. 

Beach in Cancun

6. You can find local tour guides at Mercado 28

In addition to all the souvenirs and handicrafts you can find at Mercado 28, you will also find vendors who can book tours for you.

These vendors will often be able to offer you tours at lower prices than your hotel can. Just take the time to verify that they are legitimate vendors, and be suspicious of anyone offering you tours at prices that seem way too low. 

Where is Mercado 28 located in Cancun?

Mercado 28 is located in downtown Cancun off of Xel-Ha at Plaza San Miguel. Its address is Xel-Ha Mz 13, 77509, Cancun. It is in downtown Cancun, and easy to get to from the hotel zone using public transportation. 

How to get to Mercado 28 Cancun

🚍 Bus from Cancun Hotel Zone

The cheapest way to get to Mercado 28 from the hotel zone is to hop on the R-2 bus. Just tell the driver you want to go to Mercado 28.

As mentioned above, the bus stop is not the real Mercado 28. You will need to continue walking a few blocks and you will find the large letters showing the entrance to Mercado 28.

Hammocks at mercado 28
Cancun – Photo by Norbert Heidenbluth from Flickr

🚖 Car / Taxi

You can drive a car or take a taxi to Mercado 28. Be aware that there is no parking at Mercado 28, so it might be easier to take a taxi.

As always, make sure you establish the taxi fare with the driver before getting into the taxi. 

👍🏻 Book a tour

Cancun City Tour and Shopping 

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Experience Cancun on this sightseeing and shopping tour. You will visit Mercado 28, the Tequila Museum, and have the chance to get your picture taken in front of the colorful Cancun sign at Playa Delfines.

Between the stops you will travel along Avenida Kukulcan and Avenida Tulum to see important Cancun landmarks. This tour lasts 5 to 6 hours.

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Mercado 28 stalls
Shop and bargain at these beautiful stores in this Mercado 28 tour! – Photo from Flickr by David Stanley

Cancun Guided Bus City Tour  

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See parts of Cancun that you would miss on your own.

This tour takes you beyond the beach to Mercado 28 to shop for Mexican products, to a well-known mall, to Playa Delfines to admire the amazing beach and take pictures with the Cancun sign, and to a tequila museum.

All along the way you will learn about Cancun’s history. The tour lasts 5 hours. 

Exellent history, information, and letting guests take pictures, stop overs at market, and Cancun sign area. Great personality of the staff members.

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Vendors at Mercado 28
Photo from Flickr by Isamiaumiau

TACO Tour Cancun with City Tour, Tacos, Tequila, Beer and Shopping

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Try the best tacos in Cancun and discover downtown Cancun with this city tour. You will get to try traditional taco flavors, shop at a local craft market, and sample tequila. This tour lasts 2 to 4 hours. 

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Stalls at Mercado 28
Buy some souvenirs in some of the stalls at Mercado 28 – Photo from Flickr by Peterson’s

Is Mercado 28 Cancun safe for tourists?

Yes, Mercado 28  is safe for tourists. As always when you travel, do not carry or flash large amounts of cash and be aware of your surroundings. 

Mercado 28 vs Mercado 23

Mercado 23 is located near the bus station and is much smaller than Mercado 28.

You will find lots of local shopping at Mercado 23 for their fresh fruits and vegetables, and meats. There are also tortilla shops and bakeries there, plus several small restaurants selling regional food.

There is a small area of this market where you can find souvenirs for a good deal, but the market is not very touristy.

Mercado 28, on the other hand, is huge and has every kind of souvenir and Mexican handicraft you could desire. Mercado 28 is an experience to visit, with loud vendors, colorful products, and so many things to see.

Mercado 23 fruit shop cancun
Mercado 23

Frequently Asked Questions

What bus goes from Cancun Hotel Zone to Mercado 28?

The R-2 bus goes from the hotel zone to Mercado 28. You will need to walk a few blocks from the bus stop to the market.

Is shopping in Mercado 28 cheap?

It can be. Remember, the vendors will expect you to haggle the price down and will quote you high prices to begin the negotiation. Check prices at various shops before committing to buying anything to get the best price.

Cancun beach distance

Is there a parking lot available in Mercado 28?

No, there is no parking lot at Mercado 28, so it is a good idea to walk there, take a taxi, or take the bus. 

Shops at Mercado 23
Mercado 23

Final Thoughts: Mercado 28 Cancun

A visit to Mercado 28 is about more than just shopping- it is an experience. Make sure to take your time strolling among the stalls, check out souvenirs and Mexican handicrafts, and do not forget to buy yourself cheap, regional food. Go prepared for noise, excitement, and the chance to negotiate for a great deal!

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