Traveling to Cancun In December: Wheather, Events, and Things to do

Traveling to Cancun in December? Then you must read this guide and learn about the weather, events, things to do, and everything about Cancun at this time of the year, so you can plan the perfect trip to one of the most popular beach destinations in the Mexican Caribbean.

December marks the start of the high season for tourism in Cancun.

One look at the weather forecast will tell you why tourists flock to this tropical destination in December – the weather is amazing!

The days are hot and sunny for you to enjoy the beach, and the evenings are fresh and comfortable.

Playa Langosta in Cancun in December
Playa Langosta Cancun – Drone View © Isabella Biava

The humidity is as low as you can expect in a tropical destination and the rainy season is over.

With great weather plus the fun of Christmas and New Years’ celebrations, it is no wonder that so many tourists choose to visit Cancun in December.

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How is the Weather in Cancun in December? 

The start of December marks the official end of hurricane season, although it is extremely rare to have hurricanes into November.

In December there is less rain than in November, and you can expect to have beautiful, sunny days while visiting. The weather is hot during the day, and fresh in the evening. 

Cancun Temperature in December

Temperatures in Cancun in December
Temperatures in Cancun in December ©

The weather in Cancun in December is great! It is not as hot and humid as the summer months, but still hot enough to spend your days splashing in the water at the beach.

Is Cancun Cold In December?

In December, the daily temperature is between 78-82 degrees.

The highest the temperature goes is 86 degrees. The daily low temperatures average between 69-76 degrees, with the temperatures rarely dropping down to 60 degrees. In general, the temperatures are comfortably hot to spend your time at the beach. 

During the winter months, wind storms from the north can blow in. These winds are called “nortes” and can come with rain and a drop in the temperature.

Nortes usually blow in for a day or two and can make the seas rough. The port captain may decide to close the harbor to aquatic sports.

If you are planning on scuba diving or doing other excursions on the water, check the wind report for any possible nortes that will blow in.

Unlike rain forecasts, the wind forecast is usually very accurate. Your tour operators can help you plan your excursions around the arrival of a note.

If you are in Cancun for a norte, do not worry, there are lots of fun things to do when the port is closed.

These wind storms are a great time to visit ruins. The cooler temperatures are ideal for hikes in the jungle.

People swimming in cancun
People swimming in Cancun

How is the sea in Cancun in December? 

The water temperature in Cancun in December is between 78 and 80 degrees. This is a comfortable and refreshing temperature for swimming and snorkeling.

The water near the shore in Cancun never gets too cold to swim.

However, if you are planning on scuba diving you may want to wear a wetsuit to keep yourself warm.

You may experience cold currents, called thermoclines, while diving in the winter months. You lose body heat faster in the water than in the air, so you want to make sure you stay warm while scuba diving.

Average water temperature in December
Average water temperature in December – ©

Every person is different, but a 3mm or 5mm wetsuit should be enough to keep you comfortable.

The cenote water does not change temperature much during the year. You can expect the water in the cenotes to be around 75 degrees.

If you plan on diving in a cenote plan to use a thicker wetsuit than you do in the ocean. 

The crystal clear waters of Cancun are great for scuba diving and snorkeling all year round. The visibility is dependent on rainfall and sunshine.

Since it does not rain very much in December, you can expect great visibility while diving. 

Beach Presidente intercontinental Cancun
Presidente Intercontinental Beach Cancun

Does it Rain in Cancun in December? 

Rainfall in december in Cancun
Rainfall in December in Cancun ©

Cancun is a tropical climate, so there is always a chance for rain. The rainy season in Cancun runs from May to October, so you should not worry about rainy days messing up your vacation plans.

As the month progresses, the chance of rainy days decreases. 

December is the start of the dry season, but passing rain showers are always possible. It is common in the tropics that a quick rain shower passes overhead.

When this happens the sun is often shining within one hour.

If you check the weather before heading to Cancun and see that there is a chance of rain, do not let it upset you.

There is always the chance of rain in Cancun, but it is rare to have grey and gloomy rainy days. 

Precipitation in December
Precipitations in Cancun in December ©

How is the humidity in Cancun in December? 

Humidity in December in Cancun
Humidity in December in Cancun – ©

It is always humid in Cancun, it is a tropical location surrounded by ocean and jungle. But exactly how humid it varies from month to month.

December in Cancun is not as humid as the summer months, but humidity is still between 70% to 80%.

What does this mean? It means that you may still experience frizzy hair, but will not be feeling sweaty and damp all day long.

December is one of the cooler months in Cancun and the lower temperatures and ocean breeze will help you feel comfortable in the humidity. 

Will Cancun be Sunny in December? 

Yes! Do not forget to pack your reef-safe sunscreen, because you can expect to enjoy beautiful, sunny days in Cancun in December. December can have overcast or partially cloudy days, but you will still be able to catch plenty of rays. 

The sun rises around 7 am in December and sets a little after 6 pm. Cancun gets about 7 hours a day of direct sunshine hours.

This is different from daylight hours, which is over ten hours a day.

The sun is always strong in the Caribbean, so a few clouds can be a welcome break for your skin. 

Is Cancun Windy in December? 

Average speed wind in cancun in december
Average wind speed in Cancun in December ©

Yes, it can be windy in Cancun in December. It is one of the windiest months of the year, with average wind speeds of just under 8 miles per hour.

In general, the wind is welcome in the tropical climate, and many people travel to this area to do water sports such as kitesurfing which depend on the wind.

Cancun will occasionally get a strong wind storm from the north called a norte. These wind storms bring cooler temperatures and occasional rain.

The harbor master can close the port to aquatic activities if they determine the wind and waves are dangerous.

Port closures are more common in Cancun in the winter months. If you planned on snorkel or diving excursions, you will have to reschedule them after the norte has passed.

For most tourists, a light sweater or light pants will be enough to keep them comfortable with the cooler temperatures that a norte brings.

You will be able to identify true Cancun locals in a norte because they will be dressed in polar, winter gear. 😂

Nortes typically pass in a day or two, and the temperatures will jump up to normal. 

Long exposure picture of the beach in december
The beach in Cancun in December

Is There Seaweed in December?

You should expect to find seaweed-free beaches in Cancun in December. Sargassum is a brown seaweed, which is a type of algae that floats on the top of the ocean.

In recent years large amounts of sargassum have landed on the beaches in Quintana Roo because of changes in water temperature and ocean currents.

This seaweed is not harmful to humans, although the combination of the sargassum and small animals that live in it can be irritating to some people’s skin.

It is not harmful, but it is disappointing for tourists to expect a pristine white-sandy beach that is covered in smelly seaweed.

The sargassum season is from June to October, and it is rare to have sargassum washed ashore in the month of December.

Cancun Drone Aerial view
Cancun Hotel zone aerial view – © Isabella Biava

Best Time to Visit Cancun

December is a great month to visit Cancun. The weather is consistently beautiful.

Whenever you travel to the Caribbean you run the risk of experiencing a quick rainshower, but it is rare for it to be very rainy in December.

You will have hot, but not uncomfortably scorching, weather, with beautiful sunny days.

December is the start of the high season. If you come at the beginning of the month, you will find tourists, but not huge spring break crowds.

The beginning of December has the advantages of the great weather of the high season. It is your last opportunity to visit the area before it gets crowded with high-season travelers. 

If you decide to come to celebrate Christmas and New Year, expect crowds! Christmas and New Year’s are peak seasons, with Mexican nationals and foreign tourists flocking to the beach resorts to celebrate.

If you want to celebrate the holidays in the heat, you can expect beautiful holiday decorations and special meals at the hotels. 

The weather is comfortable for all different activities. It is still hot enough that you will be comfortable swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

But, the air is not too hot to enjoy a day hiking to visit ruins. 

In December you can make the most of your vacation and spend all your time outside, enjoying the ocean breeze. It is not so hot that you will want to hide in an air-conditioned room during the day.

The evenings are slightly cooler than the day, and you can enjoy open-air dining.

Another great thing about the month of December is there are way fewer mosquitos than during the rainy months! 

Playa Delfines Cancun december
Playa Delfines Cancun December © Isabella Biava

Packing List for Cancun in December

It is never easy to pack for a trip. Follow this guide to make sure you do not forget any essential items when you come to Cancun!

☑️ Swimsuit and beach clothes. This will be the staple of your Cancun wardrobe. 

☑️ Water bottle. No one drinks the unfiltered tap water in Cancun, but many hotels offer water bottle filling stations. Some hotels even have filtered water. Check with your hotel and try to fill up your reusable water bottle as much as possible to avoid needing to use single-use plastic water bottles.

☑️ Reef Safe Sunscreen. Protect your skin with reef-safe sunscreen. Look for sunscreens that are labeled reef safe and use zinc oxide. Avoid any sunscreens with oxybenzone and octinoxate. You are not allowed to use sunscreen in the cenotes so pack protective clothing. ↳BUY IT ON AMAZON

☑️ Hat and sun-protective clothing. As mentioned, you will sometimes need to protect yourself from the sun without using sunscreen. Bring a hat and a long-sleeved shirt to cover yourself. 

☑️ Dry bag and waterproof phone case. If you are planning any water excursions, a dry bag and waterproof phone case are a great idea to protect your belongings. 

☑️ Beach bag and towel – Always a must, practical and fancy – check out some cute suggestions below. Click on the image to go to Amazon ⤵️

☑️ Flip Flops – comfortable and multipurpose footwear

☑️ Mosquito Repellent. The mosquitos are not bad in December, but it never hurts to pack eco-friendly bug repellent just in case. 

☑️ Sunglasses – the sun is very strong, make sure you pack a pair of sunglasses with you.

☑️ Raincoat – A lightweight raincoat is great to carry with you in case you get stuck in a rain shower. It also doubles as a light jacket if you are here for a norte. 

☑️ Party Clothing – If you plan to celebrate Christmas and New Years, it will be your chance to dress to impress. Many travelers will use the holidays as an excuse to get out of their beach clothes and put on something fancy!  Here below some suggestions. Just click on the image to go to AMAZON. ⤵️

☑️ Sense of Adventure! Remember to come with an open mind and be ready for adventure. Sometimes things do not go exactly as planned on vacation, but that opens the door for new, unexpected adventures. Cancun is a great spot to go outside your comfort zone, try a new activity, sample a new food, and meet new people! 

What to Wear in Cancun in December

Do you ever get the feeling that you always pack wrong for vacations? It can be hard to anticipate what clothing you will want on vacation. Here is a quick guide to help you pack the right stuff.

☑️ Comfortable beachwear – You will probably spend a lot of time at the beach, pool, or on excursions. Pack comfortable swimwear and clothes to go over the top. This can be board shorts and t shirts, or fun coverup dresses. Don’t forget to pack sun protection clothing! 

☑️ Light raincoat – A lightweight raincoat is always a great idea to have in the tropics. You can easily carry it around and pull it out if you find yourself in an unexpected rain shower. It also doubles as a windbreaker on a windy, cool day. 

☑️ Warm weather clothing – Yes, December is winter in Cancun, but it is still hot! Pack a variety of clothes you will be comfortable wearing in the heat. Think tank tops, shorts, and dresses. 

☑️ Fancy outfit – If you plan on celebrating Christmas and New Years in Cancun, be prepared to see some people dressed up. Cancun is usually a casual place, but some visitors and locals will use the holidays as a fun excuse to dress up.

Many Cancun hotels will organize fun dinners for the holidays. Feel free to join in the fun with a beach formal outfit!

☑️ Comfortable shoes – If you plan to go visit any ruins you will want a pair of comfortable sandals or tennis shoes. It can be easy to only pack flip-flops when planning a tropical vacation. Flip-flops can be slippery when wet and are not the ideal choice for jungle excursions. 

Cancun cute Clothing suggestions

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Beach Cover-up

Cute dresses

Sandals and flip flops

Top recommended tours in Cancun in December

👉 2 Tanks Scuba Diving for Beginners in Cancun ~ Personalized Service

4.5 ⭐️ – 797 Reviews

It is always a great time to try scuba diving in Cancun. The beautiful blue waters are home to a coral reef and countless marine species.

The water is always crystal clear and warm in Cancun, making it the perfect spot to try scuba diving. You can experience scuba diving for the first time with a class, and then hop on the dive boat and go out in the ocean.

Divers will visit the underwater museum, MUSA, in Cancun as well as a shallow reef. No prior scuba diving experience is necessary, but you must know how to swim. 

👉 Luxury Sunset Sailing Cruise in the Riviera Maya with Light Dinner and Open Bar

4.5 ⭐️ – 153 Reviews

Is there any better way to feel like you are on a tropical vacation than a sunset sailing cruise?

Relax after a day of exploring or hanging at the beach on this tour. You will enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful sunset while sipping drinks and enjoying snacks.

This is a great tour to spend with someone special and relaxes in the ocean breeze. 

👉 Excursion Las Coloradas & Rio Lagartos only from Cancun

4.5 ⭐️ – 75 Reviews

If you want to see natural beauty, this day tour to visit Rio Lagartos and Las Coloradas is a great option.

Las Coloradas are famous pink lakes in the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The pink color is always changing based on the sun and is beautiful all day long. You will also take a ride through the Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve where you will have the chance to see a variety of animals. 

👉 Chichen Itza Unique Entry, Buffet Lunch & Cenote English Tour

4.5 ⭐️ – 2521 Reviews

chichen Itza - Castillo
El Castillo Chichen Itza – © Isabella Biava

If you have not visited Chichen Itza, you will not want to miss this! Chichen Itza archeological site is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

This tour will take you there early in the morning, so you can beat the heat and crowds. You will enjoy a fascinating tour of the ruins.

Next, you will head over to Valladolid, a colonial town for lunch. After a tour of Valladolid, you will get to swim in a refreshing cenote. 

Cirque du Soleil JOYÀ 

If you have not been to a Cirque du Soleil show, this is a great option. The show tells the story of an alchemist and his granddaughter who are looking for secrets to life.

It incorporates Mexican history and heritage. No Cirque du Soleil show would be complete without thrilling acrobatics and music. 

LA ISLA shopping center lago artificial
La Isla Shopping center – photo WIKIMEDIA

What To Do If It Rains 

We all hope for great weather when we are on vacation. Unfortunately, sometimes mother nature has other plans.

Thankfully, rain and bad weather usually pass quickly over Cancun. If you are in Cancun and have bad luck with bad weather, there are still plenty of fun things to do!

If you enjoy shopping there are plenty of great places to stroll around. Check out La Isla shopping center or Forum by the Sea. 

If shopping is not your thing, check out a museum. You can learn local history at the Museo Maya de Cancun. Also check out the Cancun Wax Museum, in Plaza La Isla in the Hotel Zone or the Cancun Vintage Car Museum

If a norte blows through and you cannot go out on the water, but it is not raining, head to visit some ruins. You will enjoy hiking through ruins on a cooler day. 

Plaza La isla Cancun
Plaza La Isla Cancun Photo © ERVIN ESCOBAR WIKIMEDIA

Best Hotels in Cancun 

Cancun is home to countless hotels. Whether you want luxury or more basic accommodations, you can find it in Cancun. If you are having a hard time deciding where to stay, check out these great spots. 

👉Flamingo Cancun Resort

Flamingo Cancun Resort
Flamingo Cancun Resort – Photo © Expedia

There is a room for everyone at the Flamingo Cancun Resort. It offers seven different types of rooms.

Guests can choose an all-inclusive or European package. You will enjoy all the amenities this resort has to offer, including pools, swim-up bars, jacuzzis, a spa, a kid’s club, and entertainment for everyone.

There are also several different restaurants on the property to choose from. 

👉 Secrets The Vine Cancun Resort Spa Adults Only

Secrets The Vine Room with a view on the ocean
Secrets The Vine Suite with a view of the ocean – Photo © Expedia

Secrets the Vine is a great option for adults looking for a luxurious all-inclusive to visit. It has over a dozen different restaurants and great wine options.

You will be able to relax at this adult-only resort. Rooms offer great views of the ocean and lagoon.

Do not miss the incredible spa experiences that Secrets the Vine offers. 

👉 Krystal Grand Cancun (Krystal Altitude)

Krystal altitude hotel overview
Krystal altitude hotel overview – Photo © Expedia

The Krystal Grand Cancun is a four-star all-inclusive hotel. You will not run out of things to do at the Krystal Grand Cancun.

It is located on a pristine white sand beach and has four pools to enjoy. If you want to be active you can enjoy beach sports, including volleyball, and take part in yoga, pilates, and dance classes.

There are a variety of on-site restaurants and you can enjoy tequila and wine tastings. If all that is not enough, there is daily on-site entertainment. 

 👉 Selina Cancun Laguna Zona Hotelera

Selina Room Cancun Lagoon
Selina Lagoon Cancun Private Room – Photo © Expedia

The Selina Cancun Laguna Hotel is a 3-star beach hostel with an on-site restaurant and pools. It is a quick walk to the beach, restaurants, and shopping.

It offers an on-site co-working space, yoga classes, and a spa. You can choose between a variety of rooms depending on your budget.

It offers everything from deluxe private rooms to shared dormitories. It is pet-friendly and has a shared kitchen. 

Cancun Events and Festivals In December 

🎶 Electric Zoo Adventures: Cancùn Edition 2022

Fans of electronic music can check out this music festival. In addition to electronic DJs, there will be beach volleyball tournaments and water sports!

🎄Christmas in Cancun

There is nothing quite like celebrating Christmas in Mexico. Celebrations go from December 16th to the 25th. During this time you will be able to see processions and children go around singing carols for tips. 

Most Mexican families celebrate Christmas with a big dinner and party on December 24th. Families exchange presents and eats traditional foods.

Many hotels will serve special meals. For the traditional experience, make sure to eat some tamales with a big glass of ponche a sometimes alcoholic fruit punch. 

Some smaller businesses may close early on the 24th or be closed on the 25h; however, you will have plenty of dining and entertainment options on those days. 

Playa delfines Cancun
Cancun Playa Delfines © Isabella Biava

🎊 Celebrating the New Year in Cancun

Cancun is a city that loves to party, and they take New Year’s celebrations seriously. Hotels organize large banquet dinners with live music. You can ring in the New Year by watching fireworks over the lagoon. 

Cancun Travel Tips for December

December is the start of the dry season in Cancun and you can expect great weather. If you want to avoid crowds, come at the beginning of the month.

As you approach the holidays, you can expect to find bigger crowds. The holiday season is peak tourist time.

Make sure to book your excursions early, as many will fill up! Soak up the local holiday traditions.

If you come during the peak holiday season, remember to be patient and kind to all the hotel workers.

They are away from their families so you can enjoy a great holiday. If you can, remember to tip them generously. 

Cancun drone Playa Langosta
Playa Langosta – Drone View © Isabella Biava

Cancun in December: Frequently Asked Questions 

When is the most popular time to visit Cancun?

The high season runs from December to April. The peak weeks are the Christmas and New Year’s holidays as well as Semana Santa. The winter months have great weather and attract a lot of spring breakers.

When is the best time to visit Cancun for good weather?

The dry months of December to April have consistently good weather. You can expect hot, sunny days and refreshing and comfortable evenings. 

When is the worst time to visit Cancun?

For many people, the hot, wet months of June, July, and August are the worst months to visit Cancun. These months are hot and humid, and many people find the middle-of-the-day heat to be uncomfortable. 

Cancun Playa Delfines rough sea and beach umbrellas
Playa Delfines beach umbrellas

When is the best time to visit Cancun? 

Thankfully, there is no bad time to visit Cancun. The best time to visit Cancun depends on the person, but many people love the comfortably hot weather of the dry season from December to April.

Other people are willing to deal with the heat and humidity of the wet season from May to November in order to avoid large crowds.

Is it too cold to go to Cancun in December? 

No! It is technically winter, but you can still expect the daily high temperature to be in the 80s.

Unless there is a north wind blowing through, you can expect hot days and refreshing nights. 

Can you swim in Cancun in December?

Yes! The Caribbean water rarely dips below 78 degrees. This makes it comfortable to swim all year round.

If you are planning to spend extended amounts of time in the water either snorkeling or scuba diving in Cancun, you may be more comfortable with a wetsuit on. 

How crowded is Cancun in December?

It depends on when you go in December. The beginning of the month will have fewer tourists than the peak holiday weeks.

Many hotels report 100% occupancy during the Christmas holidays.

If you plan to go to Cancun to celebrate Christmas or New Year, make sure to make your reservations early! 

Is it safe to arrive in Cancun at night?

Yes. You can arrange a secure transfer from the airport to your hotel before arriving in Cancun. I always recommend Cancun Airport Transportation company for a private transfer. They are reliable and professional, speak English and have a super clean fleet of SUVs and MiniVans.

Cancun airport transportation staff
Book your transfer from the Airport with Cancun Airport Transportation

If you are concerned about whether it’s safe to travel to Cancun, I have got you covered as well.

On what body of water is Cancun located?

Cancun is located on the northeastern coast of the state of Quintana Roo, on the Caribbean Sea. 

Are there sharks on Cancun beaches?

There are sharks in the waters off of the Cancun beaches. Scuba divers and snorkelers often have the opportunity to see them.

The most common shark in this area is the nurse shark. You do not have to worry about sharks while swimming on the beaches of Cancun. 

Traveling to Cancun in December: Final thoughts

December is a great month to visit Cancun. The weather is comfortable, with hot and sunny days, and refreshing evenings.

If you want to take advantage of the great weather and avoid crowds, come at the beginning of the month. Cancun is a fun place to celebrate the holidays, just be prepared for crowds! 

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