Walmart in Cancun Mexico in 2023: Full Guide

Planning on shopping at Walmart in Cancun?

Shopping at Walmart in Cancun is a convenient, and often affordable, shopping option.

Walmart, for people who have never been to one, is a huge store that is known for being a one-stop shopping center where you can get all your groceries, clothing, electronics, and home goods.

Cancun currently has three Walmarts. For many visitors, they are a great shopping option.

Keep reading to learn more about Walmart in Cancun and find out if it is the right supermarket for you to go to on your visit.

View of the Walmart signage in Cancun
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Walmart in Cancun: At a glance

All three of Cancun’s Walmarts are located in downtown Cancun, and you can easily access one of them from the buses that come from the hotel zone. 

👉🏼 What is Walmart like in Cancun, Mexico?

Walmart in Cancun is similar to Walmarts you would find in the United States or Canada.

The store is huge and has fresh produce, a bakery, deli, and all the groceries you could need.

Take your time to look around for unique snacks and Mexican treats, you will find many things you cannot easily get outside of Mexico. You can also buy beer and alcohol there.

In addition to all the food items, the Cancun Walmart has clothing, accessories, electronics, and home goods.

Just like in other countries, Walmart is clean, well-organized, and has signs helping you find what you are looking for.

You can even find affordable souvenirs to take home for yourself or to give as gifts there. 

Since Walmart is an easy and affordable place to get many items, it is popular with locals, as well as tourists.

Depending on what hour of the day you go, you can expect it to be fairly busy. Try to avoid going at peak hours, such as when locals get out of work. 

View of the cold cuts section with an employee holding the meat at Walmart in Cancun
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Walmart Cancun location

There are three Walmarts in downtown Cancun.

The easiest Walmart to visit from the Cancun hotel zone is the one located at Avenida Coba 21, 77500.

The other two Walmarts are further from the hotel zone, they are located at Av. Cobá Mz.2-lote 2, 77500 and 511 Manzana 4 SM 97 Lote 8, Mayapan, Zona Industrial, 77530. 

All three of these are full-sized Walmarts with bakeries, groceries, and clothing and home goods. 

Walmart opening hours

The Walmart that is closest to the hotel zone for you to visit at Coba 21 is open every day from 11:00 am until 8:00 pm.

The Walmart at 511 Manzana 4 SM 97 Lote 8, Mayapan, Zona Industrial is open every day from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

The Walmart at Av. Cobá Mz.2-lote 2 is open every day from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. 

Walmart signage under a cloudy sky
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Walmart Cancun delivery

If you want to stock up on groceries and supplies without having to go shopping, Walmart in Cancun does offer delivery.

To use this service, you will need to go onto their website, create an account, and place your order.

The Walmart website is only in Spanish. If you want groceries delivered but are not comfortable using the site in Spanish, there are several delivery services that will pick up food from local restaurants or grocery stores and bring it to you.

In the last few years, delivery services have become much more popular in Mexico and your host might have a service they recommend.

How to get to Walmart Cancun

There are several easy options to get from your hotel to the Cancun Walmart.

Depending on where you are staying, how much stuff you plan to buy at Walmart, and how many people you are traveling with you can pick the best option for you.

✔ Driving

If you have already rented a car in Cancun, you can easily drive it to the Cancun Walmart.

You can use your phone to help you navigate to Walmart. Even if you do not use a navigation system, the streets are clearly marked and it will not be hard to find the Walmart.

Just take your time while driving downtown. The store has a large parking lot, so you can easily park your car while you do your shopping. 

View of the fish section in Walmart
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✔ Taxi

All taxi drivers will know where Walmart is, so you can easily catch a taxi to go there.

Just remember, whenever you use a taxi you want to establish the fare for the ride before getting into the taxi.

Taxis in Cancun do not have meters, and to avoid overpaying the driver, you will want to agree to a price before getting into the taxi.

It is easy to catch a taxi back from Walmart. When you finish shopping, there are always taxis outside Walmart to take you back to your hotel.

✔ Taking the Bus

You can easily take the R2 public bus from the hotel zone to the downtown Walmart. The bus ride will take between twenty and thirty minutes, depending on traffic.

Most bus drivers announce the bus stop for Walmart, just let them know where you are going when you get on the bus.

When you get off the bus you will need to cross the road, pass a large, white building, and cross the street one more time. You will then see Walmart. The public buses run all day and are a cheap way to get downtown.

After you finish shopping you will exit Walmart and see a bus stop. You will wait there and hop on the R2 bus to return to your hotel.

If you plan to do a lot of shopping it might be a good idea to take the bus to Walmart, but take a taxi with your purchases back to your hotel. 

View of the liquor section in Walmart Cancun
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Shopping in Walmart Cancun tips

Shopping in the Cancun Walmart is a very similar experience to shopping in any large supermarket in the United States or Canada.

The different sections of the store are well-marked and you can find food, clothing and accessories, and home goods.

You can also find any beach items that you may have forgotten to pack, such as beach towels, sunscreen, and water shoes. You can even find cheap Cancun souvenirs. 

The Cancun Walmart can get busy and if you go during peak shopping times expect to wait in line to check out.

Stay patient, and if you are in a hurry you can even have one person get in line while the other grabs a few items. 

The prices in the Cancun Walmart are in pesos. Walmart will accept US dollars and the exchange rate should be clearly posted at the cash register. You can also pay with credit or debit cards. 

The state of Quintana Roo passed a law prohibiting the use of single-use plastic. This means that grocery stores can no longer give you plastic bags with you shopping.

If you plan to do much shopping you should take reusable shopping bags with you to take your things back to your hotel, or you will need to buy them at the store. 

View of the sushi section
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Alternative options for supermarket

Many visitors to the Cancun area are familiar with Walmart from their hometowns, so they decide to do their shopping there.

There are actually several other one-stop retail stores to visit in the Cancun area that have bakeries, groceries, clothes, and home goods too.

Here are a few other stores to check out if you want a shopping experience that is similar to Walmart:

👍🏻 Soriana

Soriana is a 100% Mexican-owned company that has stores all over the country.

Soriana has different size stores, and the Hiper Soriana and Mega Soriana stores are their largest stores that operate as one-stop grocery and retail stores.

They have bakeries, fresh produce, deli counters, and groceries as well as pharmacies, clothing and accessories, and home goods.

Soriana also has smaller stores called Soriana Super, that operate as supermarkets mainly selling food. 

View of the vegetables section with fresh tomatoes and onions
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👍🏻 Chedraui 

Chedraui is a Mexican grocery store and department store.

It is similar to Walmart in that it sells food as well as clothing and home goods. You may already be familiar with Chedraui because it expanded into several southern US states. 

👍🏻 Chedraui Selecto

Chedraui Selecto is a type of Chedraui that offers groceries as well as household goods.

There is a  Chedraui Selecto in the Cancun hotel zone. It is a great place to pick up all the supplies you need for your vacation. It also has a large selection of international food items and alcoholic beverages.

This multilevel store even has a comfortable food court. 

View of the shopping carts in Walmart in Cancun
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to Walmart from the Cancun Hotel Zone?

You have three options to get from the Cancun hotel zone to Walmart. If you have a rental car you can drive yourself and park there. If you do not have a rental car, you can take a taxi or the R2 public bus. 

How many Walmart stores are there in Mexico?

There are over 300 Walmart Supercenter Stores in Mexico. 

View of the electronics section filled with different brands of phones
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Does Walmart deliver in Mexico?

Yes, Walmart delivers. To place an order, you go online to Walmart Mexico, make an account, and pick the items you want. 

View of the liquor section in Walmart in Cancun
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Final Thoughts: Walmart in Cancun

Many visitors to the Cancun area like to do their shopping at Walmart and it’s one of the best supermarkets in Cancun.

They are familiar with the shop layout and know that they can get everything off their shopping list there.

It is easy to go to the Cancun Walmart in a car, bus, or taxi; however, it is important to realize that Walmart is not the only one-stop shopping center in Cancun.

Soriana and Chedraui stores offer a large selection of food, clothes, and home goods too and the shopping experience is similar to that at Walmart.

You can find the store closest to you and shop there. Wherever you decide to shop in Cancun, it is good to know that you will be able to find anything you need for your visit. 

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