Mexico All-Inclusive Packing List: What You Need to Bring With You to a Cancun All-Inclusive Resort

Planning a trip to a warm sunny destination and looking for a Mexico all-inclusive packing list that you can rely on? Look no further.

You deserve to make the most out of your Mexican all-inclusive vacation, but that means bringing along the right stuff. From clothing and beach essentials to camera equipment and medical supplies, this packing list will ensure that you have everything you need for the ultimate all-inclusive experience.

Even if it’s not your first time in Mexico, let’s make sure you have everything you need. So, without further ado, let’s talk about what you should bring along with you on your next all-inclusive resort vacation.

Mexico all inclusive packing list

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Cancun Mexico All-inclusive Packing List

➡️ Beach bag to use as a personal item

A beach bag is one of the important things you’ll want in Cancun, Mexico. Whether you’re going for just a few days or taking an extended stay, it’s important to bring along all the necessary items to make sure your trip is both comfortable and enjoyable.

When you fly to Mexico, you typically get 1 carry-on and a personal item that you can bring on the plane with you. A good rule of thumb to help you keep your bags lighter when you fly to your Mexico resort is to use things for double purposes — so use your beach bag as your personal item.

We recommend something big enough to carry all the necessary things — sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottle, and important travel documents.

Making it brightly colored with multiple pockets to organize is a good way to help make sure you can keep on track of it. Alternatively, if you plan for lots of outdoor activities, you could consider a travel backpack instead. 

Check out some cute beach bags. Click on the image to open the related page.

What to pack in your carry-on for an all-inclusive trip to Mexico

These are the things you may need right away in case the airline miss your main bag or your room is not ready. Sometimes bags get lost, and it helps to make sure that you have everything you NEED for your first few days in your carry-on.

Of course, this is only applicable if you’re using a checked bag. 

☑️ Swimsuit

You’ll need your swimsuit in Cancun, there’s no question about it — and you probably don’t want to end up without it. If you’re bringing multiple suits, it’s OK to pack just one in your carry-on. But make sure your bring at least one on the plane with you.

Here are some cute swim suites for you to choose from. I have recently bought a brand called Cupshe and I loved their style and fabric, you get very good quality at very reasonable prices.

☑️ Sunscreen (stick) 

You NEED sunscreen in Mexico, and you should make sure you have some in your carry-on so you can put it on when you arrive. It’s important that you limit the liquids in your carry-on.

With that in mind, I recommend bringing along a stick of sunscreen instead of a liquid bottle. Don’t forget to pack some Aloe Vera too, just in case you get sunburnt on day one! it happens!


Sunglasses are probably something you won’t want to forget when you’re headed to the beach. So, make sure you bring them along with you in your carry-on.

➡️ Nightwear 

PJs are also something you’ll be disappointed without if they get lost on your way there and end up arriving late. So, make sure you put some sleep-specific clothes into your carry-on. If you’re going through hurricane season, you might want to consider some lightweight long pants.

➡️ Beach coverup 

Along with your swimsuit, you’ll want to have some sort of beach coverup to keep the sun off when you’re out of the water. Or in case you are heading to the nearby bar or restaurant for a drink or snack. You wouldn’t want to go there half-naked, right? It’s worth the (very little) space it takes up in your bag.

Flip flops

You won’t want to be wearing a pair of sneakers on the beach, luckily flip-flops don’t take up a ton of space. So, make sure you pack a pair in your bag so you’ll have them when you first arrive.

Activated charcoal

Even the most cautious traveler might be subject to Cancun’s pesky water problem. Make sure you pack along a little activated charcoal in your bag so you have it on hand if you start feeling any symptoms. It works wonders!

Luggage locks

Keep your luggage secure with an extra layer of protection via luggage locks. If your suitcase doesn’t already have them, these can just make your overall trip a little more secure and give you some peace of mind. Plus, they’re a pretty inexpensive purchase. 

Passport holder

You’ll need your passport on hand when you enter the country. And you’ll want to make sure that you keep an eye on it the WHOLE time you’re in Cancun. So, keep it in your carry-on (or personal item).

Portable charger

Anything that’s rechargeable (you plug it in to charge it, instead of changing out the batteries), needs to go into your carry-on instead of your checked luggage. That includes your portable charger — regardless of its size. But that just means you have it during your trip so you can recharge your devices.

Cash and credit cards

While bringing your credit cards on a trip is a good idea, you’ll also want to have Mexican pesos on hand. How much cash you’ll need on hand?

The best way to start out with them is to order them through your bank. You can always get more, but you’ll want some when you first arrive for tipping.

Other essential items to bring 

Cooling Towel

Regulate your temperature with an easy-to-use cooling towel. This is great to bring along if you’re looking for something to cool you down in a pinch. Drop one in your beach bag so you always have it along with you.

Waterproof Phone Case

You really don’t want to get your phone wet, and that’s where a waterproof case comes in. There are some pretty fancy ones that make it so you can bring your phone to the beach but avoid getting it wet. Make sure you take one with you!

You can find phone case and dry bag sold together on Amazon, which is very convenient if you are going on a boat trip for example and you don’t want your staff to get wet.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes make packing for your Mexico beach vacation easier, and ultimately means you can fit more things in. Grab a set and start arranging your bags like a packing professional — that way you can bring more without adding more space (or weight).

Quick-Dry Travel Towel

Things can take a long time to dry in Cancun, and using a quick-dry towel is a great way to ensure that you always have a cozy beach towel. I highly recommend looking into a towel made from Turkish cotton as it’s soft, cozy, and tends to dry fast. You can lay this on the back of your beach chair or drape it over your hotel room balcony to dry it off. 

Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

The bugs in Cancun can be very pesky, make sure you’re well-prepared to fight them off with mosquito-repellent bracelets. These can help keep the bugs from biting you so you enjoy your time at your beach destination or day trips into the jungle.

Keep mosquitos away!

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It’s a great idea to keep your book collection digital and pack along a Kindle or some other eReady type device. Not only will this let you enjoy your books while you’re on vacation, but it can help you lighten the load a little bit.

Clips to fix your towel to the beach bed

Lightweight, quick-dry towels tend to flutter away when they’re caught in the wind. Instead, a quick pro tip can help you secure your towels to the beach bed.

Affordable Underwater Camera

Bringing along an underwater camera is a great way to take advantage of your experience and create a little souvenir for yourself. Make sure you’re playing it safe and aren’t bugging the fish in their natural habitat.


If you’re working remotely from Cancun, having a VPN can be a good option. This can help you safely log into apps and sites that keep your confidential information without worrying.

It can also make it easier for you to access sites from other countries.

There are many VPN providers I use Express VPN and pay for the yearly subscription, which is cheaper. You can try them out using this link and get 3 free months so if you don’t like it you can always unsubscribe when the free time is over.

Cancun all-inclusive Packing list for beach time 

Heading to the beach at your all-inclusive Cancun resort? There are a few items that beach days simply aren’t complete without — besides a super cute beach bag that fits all of your items.

Whether you’re planning on lounging around in the sand or want to get in the water and ride the waves, here’s the ultimate packing list of things you’ll need for the beach:

  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun hats
  • Bathing suit
  • Beach cover-up
  • Day dress
  • Flip flops
  • Towel
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Pair of water shoes or pool shoes
  • Snacks
  • Lip balm

Cancun all-inclusive Packing list for nighttime (men and women)

What you bring for your evenings in Cancun depends on what you’re planning on doing. Whether you want to hit up a local pub for a few alcoholic drinks or take on one of the luxury resort restaurants, you might need to add a few different pieces to your ultimate Mexico packing list.

Here’s what you’ll want to bring with you to the resort to make sure you have a blast at night depending on the type of trip and what you’re planning on doing:

What to wear in All-inclusive restaurants — usually have a “dressed up” dress code:

Find here below some recommendations:

What to wear for a sunset boat ride:

  • Pants, shorts or skirt
  • Shirt
  • sandals or flip flops
  • Light sweater or jacket to keep off the breeze


  • Collared shirts (men)
  • Golf shorts (men)
  • Non-flip flop sandals (men and women)
  • Cocktail dress, romper, or jumpsuit (women)
  • What not to bring in an all-inclusive resort

What not to bring in an all-inclusive resort in Cancun or Mexico in general

DON’T BRING heavy books

Books are HEAVY, so it’s not a great option to pack them in your bag, not to mention they take up too much space. Leave your books at home and pack an electronic method — like a Kindle — instead. That way you can still have your books but you don’t have to carry them all.

DON’T TAKE lots of cash

You’ll want Mexican pesos with you to make sure you can tip and make purchases, but you don’t need a ton. You can always pull more out of the bank machine, but you don’t want to carry an unsafe amount around that you could lose.

DON’T PACK expensive jewelry

Pickpockets are a thing in Cancun, and you’ll want to leave your fancy jewelry that might attract them. No jewelry is best, but if you NEED to bring some along, keep it inexpensive.

DON’T TAKE warm, bulky clothing

Cancun is a warm, hot place. Avoid bringing hot, bulky clothing with you. Not only is it going to be really heavy, but you probably won’t wear any of it. However, if you are traveling in winter, from December through February you may need a sweater or a shawl in the evening or a windbreaker if you go on a boat. You should pack those items.


You can’t bring fruit into Mexico, and packing it will simply make your time getting through customs that much longer. Avoid that by leaving any fruit or veggies at home.

DON’T PACK items that won’t dry well

Cancun is hot and humid, making it challenging to dry your average fabrics. Opt to bring along fabrics that dry quickly and pack well. That way they won’t start growing mold.

Mexico All-inclusive Packing List FAQ

What should you not wear in Cancun?

You’ll want to avoid heavier clothing in Cancun. It’s a good option to keep your fabrics light, breezy, and incredibly cute. The more breathable your clothes are, the more comfortable you’ll be.

Can I bring ibuprofen to Mexico?

Yes, you can bring ibuprofen into Mexico. You are allowed to bring a personal amount for your trip. However, you can also purchase it at a Mexican pharmacy too.

Do medications need to be in their original containers when flying to Mexico?

Yes, medications should be in their original containers, properly labeled when you fly into Mexico.

Do I have to declare medicine was bought in Mexico?

Yes, you will have to declare the medicine that you purchased in Mexico and are bringing home.

Does TSA check your pills?

Yes, TSA can, and probably will, check your pills.

Can I take my prescription drugs to Mexico?

Yes, you can take a personal amount of prescription medicine in Mexico. It’s recommended that you bring no more than 90 days’ worth of medicine.

Do pills have to be in original bottles TSA?

Yes, your prescription medications should be in their original bottles.

Can I mix pills in the same container?

You should keep your prescription medication in their original containers.

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Mexico all-inclusive packing list: final thoughts 

Having the best time in a Mexico all-Inclusive resort starts with packing everything you need. From the right clothes and shoes to extras like water bottles and mosquito repellent, this is everything you need to put on your Cancun all-inclusive resort packing list.

I recommend making note of everything you need BEFORE you start packing your bag, and checking everything off as you’ve dropped them in your bag.

That’s the best way to help ensure that you’ve packed everything you need to survive in the coastal areas of the Yucatan peninsula.

It’s also important to point out that you don’t want to pack too much along with you either. If you don’t think you’re going to use it, don’t bring it and save any potential additional cost. Most of us only use a fraction of what we pack in our bags!

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