How to visit Isla Blanca – Cancun Mexico Best Kept Secret!

Curious to know about Isla Blanca, Cancun? You have landed in the right place. In this post, I will tell you all about this amazing unspoiled beach in Cancun, Mexico, located only a few km from the city center.

One of the best places for kitesurfing in Cancun, playa Bianca is also one of the best places to go if you want to get away from the busier Hotel Zone.

If you look it up on the map you can see it’s located in the last stretch of beach north of Cancun where the road ends. Here below I will explain how to get there and make the most of it.

Isla Blanca and Lagoon
Isla Blanca Cancun Beach

Where is Isla Blanca Mexico Located?

Isla Blanca is located just outside Cancun in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo on the Mexican Caribbean Coast. As you can see from the map below, it’s about 20 km from Cancun downtown.

Fun Fact – Although it’s on the mainland, it is part of the municipality of Isla Mujeres, just like the nearby development called Playa Mujeres, home to many luxurious hotels. If you want to learn the main differences between traveling to Cancun vs Isla Mujeres, I’ve got you covered too.

How do you get to Isla Blanca from Cancun?

If you are planning on visiting this spectacular beach while vacationing in Cancun the best way is to rent a car as the local transportation is not very reliable or frequent on that side of the city.

Besides, having your own car will give you the freedom to come and go at your liking, including other stops for example, and get to try one of the trendy Restaurants in Cancun without having to call an expensive taxi.

Cancun to Isla Blanca Mexico Map

Cancun to Isla Blanca Map
Photo © Google Maps – Isla Blanca Mapa

As you can see from the Map, just follow the road to Punta Sam in Puerto Juarez or continue driving along Avenida Bonampak as at one point the two roads will merge and continue towards this beautiful beach.

You will pass by Playa Mujeres one of the recent residential areas with new luxury hotels. From there you will continue straight on a paved road and then continue on a dirt road until you bump into the beach basically.

There is no chance of getting lost as there are no turns.

You will see resorts and private villas on your right and mangroves on your left.

Once you see the Ikarus Kitesurf school on the left you are almost there.

You know you have arrived because you will literally drive across some trees straight into the lagoon.

That’s the point where you will see the lagoon on your left and the beach on your right. A few years ago there was a restaurant there. Now it’s just a free space where you can park the car.

Just make sure you watch the tide.

Isla Blanca beach

The best time to go to Isla Blanca

First of all, you should know that on this beach there are no beach facilities, and therefore you need to rely on natural shade, which is not much.

So I would suggest including your beach time early in the day, or late in the afternoon in your Cancun Itinerary so that the sun is not that strong.

Other than that it’s always a good time to visit but you should keep in mind that this is a place that kitesurfers love, which means it’s often very windy.

If the wind bothers you, make sure you check the weather conditions before going.

Meaning of Isla Blanca

Isla Blanca means “white island” in Spanish, which is odd because it’s not actually an island, but a peninsula. In fact, the very far end of the beach, where almost nobody gets, is a strip of white sand land washed by the sea on both sides. In my opinion it should actually be called Playa Blanca Cancun, but even though if you ask where is Playa Blanca Cancun they would probably know what you are talking about, the correct name is Isla Blanca 🙂

Isla Blanca beaches

There is only one endless public beach. However, on the way to the last stretch of the beach, you will find old beach clubs and random public beach access all of which belong to what’s called Isla Blanca.

The restaurant Cielito Lindo is not there anymore. So there is no way to find some shades or buy some water unless you go to one of the hotels you find along the road before getting to Isla Blanca.

Isla Blanca sunset
Lagoon in behind Isla Blanca Cancun right before Sunset

Activities And Attractions At Isla Blanca

The majority of the visitors go to Isla Blanca to escape from the buzzing Cancun life, relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

But there are some fun things to do in Isla Blanca.

isla blanca lagoon kites
Isla Blanca lagoon Kite surfer

1. Kitesurfing Isla Blanca

Isla Blanca is the mecca for kite surfers and you can either watch the pro surfer flying over the water in the Laguna Chacmuchuch, or you can try it yourself.

Check out the Ikarus Surf school for some classes. They also have rooms for rent in case you decide to stay for the night.

Isla Blanca
Isla Blanca drone view

2. Fly fishing

The Lagoon behind the beach of Isla Blanca is home to a variety of fish spices and, of course, birds.

If you are into fly fishing or birdwatching, you can book a tour with this company.

I have to be honest I don’t know them personally but I saw them mentioned quite a few times for fishing charter tours in Cancun.

The best time for flyfishing is from May to September.

The fishing trips leave from Cancun and cost around 500 USD a day and include:

✔️ an experienced local fisherman as a guide

✔️ licensed  permission to fish within the reserve

✔️ Quality brand fishing equipment for fly or spin fishing

✔️ Freshly made sandwiches for lunch.  

✔️ Snacks and Refreshments, (soft drinks, soda, water)

3. Basking in the sun

If you are into any sports and just want to relax on the beach, far from the noisy hotel zone of Cancun, Isla Blanca is the perfect place. Just make sure you bring your own beach towel, sunscreen, water, and snacks in case you get hungry.

As I mentioned before, there are a couple of old beach clubs but just along the way.

Couple walking on the beach in Isla Blanca while a kiter is flying in the background
Isla Blanca beach Cancun – Photo from Canva

Can you stay in Isla Blanca?

Some time ago there was the option to camp on Isla Blanca. However, I wouldn’t recommend it now for safety reasons as it’s a very isolated place.

However, there are some beautiful hotels from the major luxury hotel chains and private homes for rent on the way to Isla Blanca either in Playa Mujeres or further north along the coast.

Here below I will mention a few of them. Just keep in mind that these hotels are not exactly on Isla Blanca but they are the closest to it on the way there.

Where to stay in Isla Blanca: luxury hotels and villas

👉Villa Isla Blanca

Spectacular two-story luxury villas, for a magical stay on Isla Blanca. This secluded villa features 6 bedrooms with its own bathroom, cabanas, and sun loungers on a spectacular private stretch of beach.

The villa is also equipped with all the necessary world-class amenities including free WiFi, Egyptian cotton sheets, a rainfall shower, and free bottled water, among others.

A concierge service is available 24hrs for anything you need including hiring a chef for delicious meals to share with your party.

👉 Punta Blanca Beachfront Suites

This is probably one of the few Boutique and Luxury Isla Blanca Hotels, if not the only one.

A simple but cute property with self-catering suites equipped with all the comfort and designed with tasteful decor. WIFI available in the rooms.

Guests can book relaxing spa services and dine in the local cafe and restaurants on the spectacular pristine beach.

👉 Planet Hollywood Cancun, An Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort

If you are ready to splurge, nothing beats the luxurious rooms and facilities of the Planet Hollywood Cancun All-inclusive resort. It’s just incredibly beautiful and guests love everything about it, including the gorgeous beach of playa Mujeres where it sits.

If you are looking for Isla Blanca all inclusive resorts, you won’t find any. The closest all inclusive resorts to Isla Blanca are the ones in Playa Mujeres and Planet Hollywood is one of the most popular.

Isla Blanca Cancun FAQ

Is Isla Blanca safe?

Isla Blanca is a safe place to enjoy during the day. I would avoid camping or hanging out at night, as it’s very isolated.

Swimming can be dangerous because of the undertows currents, but people do that at times, just don’t go to far and stay close to the shore. Also, swim if you are a good swimmer and know what you are doing.

However, keep in mind that there is no lifeguard there.
If you are wondering whether it is safe to travel to Cancun in general, I have got you covered with more details and safety tips.

isla blanca guys swimming into waves

Is Isla Blanca safe?

Isla Blanca is a safe place to enjoy during the day. I would avoid camping or hanging out at night, as it’s very isolated.

Swimming can be dangerous because of the undertows currents, but people do that at times, just don’t go to far and stay close to the shore. Also, swim if you are a good swimmer and know what you are doing.

However, keep in mind that there is no lifeguard there.
If you are wondering whether it is safe to travel to Cancun in general, I have got you covered with more details and safety tips.

Is there Sargasso in Isla Blanca?

There is usually no sargasso in Isla Blanca. What you are seeing in the picture is not Sargasso, but regular seaweed that is not always there and it’s less invasive than the nasty Sargassum that has been infesting the Caribbean Mexican beaches lately.

If you are looking for a tranquil beach away from Sargasso Isla Blanca and the hotels on the way to this area could be a great option.

isla blanca beach water

What is the closest airport to Isla Blanca Quintana Roo Mexico?

The closest airport to Isla Blanca is Cancun International Airport located about 40 miles from Isla Blanca.

If you need a transfer from the airport I would avoid a taxi and I recommend Cancun Airport Transportation service for a smooth and safe private transfer from Cancun Airport to anywhere you want to go.

When is the best time to visit Isla Blanca?

It depends on what you love to do, for just basking in the sun any day is good.

If you want to kitesurf, according to the official KitesurfVacation website:
Best season: November, December, January, February, March, April, May. You can kite all directions of wind here. Water details: Flat shallow water, most to the knee-waist, no waves. You can kitesurf on the ocean side or the lagoon side.

You can also check the best time to visit Cancun and other useful information in my Cancun Travel Guide!

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