The 25 Best Cenotes in Cancun That You Don’t Want to Miss in 2023

Would you like to visit some of the best cenotes in Cancun Mexico?

You have come to the right place. I lived in Cancun for 7 years and while I have visited many of them in the past, I never get tired of exploring new ones every time I go back.

That is why I decided to put together this comprehensive insider guide of the Cenotes in Cancun, including all the best ones from the closest to Cancun to the one a little far away but worth the trip.

You will also learn how to get there, the costs, and their facilities. Everything you need to know to organize your trip to the best cenotes in Cancun.

First thing first though you must know that there are no cenotes in Cancun. The good news is that you can find spectacular cenotes at only 30 minutes drive from Cancun and in this post, I will tell you where.

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Cancun Cenotes at a Glance

When we talk about Cancun cenotes we are referring to the closest cenotes to Cancun, because there is no cenote right in the city of Cancun.

The nearest Cenotes in Cancun, are located at only 30 minutes drive, in the so-called “Ruta de los Cenotes”, a narrow road that goes from Puerto Morelos to Leona Vicario where you can find around 50 cenotes. (Don’t worry I will list the most beautiful further in this post)

If you have only half a day, this is definitely where you should go and you can even squeeze in a few cenotes in a short time.

However, if you have more time, I would suggest you go a little farther and explore other amazing cenotes in the area.

So, without any further ado, let’s explore the top 21 Cenotes near Cancun.

And don’t forget to check out my recommendation on the best way to visit the cenotes and what to pack for a cenote, at the end of this post. I can anticipate though, that renting a car from Cancun downtown or the airport will give you the freedom to explore at your own pace.

💡 Cancun Cenotes tip #1 – The best way to visit these cenotes I am including in this post, is by car. You can check price in my recommended Car rental platform, Discover Cars.

Cancun Cenotes Map

In a hurry? Here is the top-rated Cenote tour from Cancun

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Cancun Cenotes | The closest cenote to Cancun

As you may know, there are no public cenotes in Cancun, although I am sure some homes have their own, but you can’t visit them, or at least not that I know of. So this is the closest cenote to Cancun that I have found

1. Cenote Ix-Ha

Entrance fees 150 mxn (8 USD) | Opening Hours | 9 am to 5 pm every day

Cancun - rancho el Retoño
Cancun – Rancho el Retoño – Photo © Google Maps

This cenote is located at 32 km from Cancun on the way to Leona Vicario and Valladolid.

It’s inside a ranch called Rancho el Retoño. You can find it on Google Maps.

Once you get to the reception of the Ranch, you can choose your bike and get to the cenote, not very far away.

It’s an open wide cenote with some hidden caves that you can explore and crystal clear water. Located in a very peaceful area.

I suggest you visit it while it’s still quiet before more people know about it.

In any case, it’s better to avoid weekends to avoid crowds. Bring your own snorkeling equipment because they don’t rent it. You can get a life jacket though if you think you need it.

Cancun Cenotes | La Ruta de los Cenotes, Puerto Morelos

La Ruta de los Cenotes translates as “the Cenote road”. It is in fact a road that stretches from Puerto Morelos, a beach resort 30 minutes drive from Cancun, to Leona Vicario, and it’s lined with amazing cenotes of all sorts.

It includes more than 50 cenotes but we will share the best ones here below

2. Cenote Las Mojarras 52 km/ 32.3mi

Entrance fees | to swim $250 mxn / $14 USD – ATV tour $950 mxn / $50 USD | Opening Hours | 8 am to 5 pm every day

Cenote Las Mojarras - El Camino Mas Corto
Cenote Las Mojarras – Photo © Sandra Salvadò – El Camino Mas Corto

It’s one of the best cenotes near Cancun of this size. It’s in fact the largest cenotes that you can find in the area with a diameter of 67 mt, surrounded by a lush tropical forest. There you can jump from a 6 mt platform or get some thrill on the zip line.

Or you can just chill and swim in the cool sweet waters enjoying the peaceful tropical surrounding. It’s located at km 12.6 from Puerto Morelos.

Facilities | ATV tour – Horseback riding – Zip lines circuit – Aquatic zip line – Lockers – Life jacket – Restrooms – Parking lot.

3. Cenote Verde Lucero 55 Km/34.1 mi

Entrance fee | 300 MXN (15 USD) 150 MXN (7.5 USD) for Mexican residents
Opening hours | every day from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.

cenote Lucero Verde - photo by Sandra Salvado' El Camino Mas Corto
Cenote Verde Lucero – photo by Sandra Salvado’ El Camino Mas Corto

Cenote Verde Lucero is another great open cenote where you can swim, jump or launch yourself on a sort of zipline.

You will appreciate the spectacular emerald-green color of the water if it’s sunny. The Cenote is surrounded by skyscraping trees and a lush jungle. (km 17 – 12.7 miles from Puerto Morelos)

After swimming, you can relax under the palapa and look for spider monkeys.

Facilities | Restrooms – Aquatic zip-line – Parking lot.

4. Kin-Ha – 63.4 km/39.39 mi

Entrance fee | 400 MXN (24 USD) / ATV Tour $1000 mxn / $55 usd.
Opening hours | every day from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.

la ruta de los cenotes - Puerto Morelos - Cancun - Boundless Roads
Cenote kin ha.

Kin-ha is one of my favorite cenotes near Cancun and when I have friends coming to visit I normally take them there. It’s a cave cenote and you can either jump in it or you can easily climb some man-made stairs.

The family that runs this cenote also organizes tours in Quod in the jungle where they take you to another huge open cenote.

The surroundings of Kin-ha are also pleasant. After you swim you can also chill on the chairs or hammocks and relax enjoying a cold drink.

5. Cenote La Noria 60.7 km/ 37.7mi

Entrance fee | 200 MXN (10 USD)
Opening hours | from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Not too far from Cenote Kin-Ha, after a little detour, you will find this deep cave cenote, la Noria.

You need to climb down some stairs to get inside. It’s like entering the womb of mother earth.

Right before getting to Kin-ha Cenote, on our right, you will see a small sign. It’s a cave cenote as well, with wooden stairs to get to a platform.

Facilities: Parking lot, Life jackets, Restrooms.

6. Cenote Zapote 65,2 km/ 40.5

Entrance fee | To swim $35 USD / All inclusive tour $99 USD
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Cenotes Zapote is one of the best cenotes near Cancun among the cave cenotes.

It is actually a Prehistoric Park that includes 4 different cenotes, 2 open cenotes, and 2 cave cenotes (underground).

The place is organized like an amusement park where you can choose among different activities or do all of them. On the Cenotes Zapote website, you can choose and purchase your preferred package.

It takes us approximately 3 to 4 hours for the complete tour, but it all depends on your own speed and available time.

Why is it called prehistoric park?

Once inside the park, as a part of the tour, you will receive an explanation on the history of Xicalbanoyx Oviceps the extinct sloth of the ice age a new species of giant sloth whose antiquity between 10 thousand 647 and 10 thousand 305 BC, known as POTE, honor to the Cenotes Zapote park. (source)

Cenote Zapote Stalactites  girl on a stair
Photo © Cenotes Zapote

Further information

  • During the tour, there is a guide who will assist you throughout your journey through the different activities.
  • You can enjoy a regional buffet with handmade tortillas presented in Yucatecan tacos and freshwaters.
  • The facilities have safety rails to access the cenotes, living areas, separate bathrooms for men and women, and adaptations such as ramps and flat dirt roads for the seniors.
  • Also available is certified safety equipment included in each activity for the whole family from the smallest to the most adult people.

7. Cenote Boca del Puma 53.2 km/33 mi

Entrance fee | Regular price $300 mxn ($16 USD) / ATV Tour & Ziplines $60 USD
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Boca Del Puma Cenote men on a Zipline
Photo © Boca del Puma Cenote

The Cenote Boca del Puma is a great way to spend the day for adventure seekers. In fact, it doesn’t offer only a cenote to refresh and swim.

It’s a real park with 7 zip lines and ATV-guided tours in the Jungle. You can check out the full program on their website.

Boca Del Puma Cenote Overview
Photo © Boca del Puma Cenote

Cenotes in Cancun | Yucatan

The Yucatan state is the richest one in the Yucatan Peninsula when it comes to the number of Cenotes. If you are looking to organize a road trip around Yucatan instead of a day trip from Cancun, please make sure you include the Cenotes of Homun and Cuzama.

Around Valladolid and Merida you can find amazing cenotes too and if you love to splurge you can check out the Yucatan haciendas where to stay in the heart of Yucatan surrounded by tropical vegetation and cenotes. 🙂

Here below I will share those cenotes that are close to Cancun and reachable in a one-day trip.

8. Cenote Choj-ha 114 km/70.83 mi

Entrance fee | Regular price $150 mxn ($8 USD)
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Cenote Choj ha Map
From Cancun to Cenote Choj Ha – click on the image to open the map – photo © Google Map

Located on the freeway from Cancun to Valladolid, only 30 minutes before getting to Valladolid this spectacular cenote should definitely be on your places-to-see list.

It’s been nick-named Catedral de las Maravillas which means “Cathedral of wonders”.

Although it’s open every day from 8 to 5, I suggest you should avoid weekends, Wednesdays, and Fridays which are cruise days and therefore much more crowded.

Here is the picture I took. I was so lucky as nobody was there when I went.

Facilities: Restrooms – Showers – Life jackets – Parking lot

choj-ha cenote  emerald green water surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites
Photo © Isabella Biava

9. Cenote Zaci 156 km/96.93 mi

Entrance fee | Regular price $30 mxn ($2 USD)
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 8.30:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Cenote Zaci Valladolid waterfall falling into the emerald green water surrounded by rock formation and vegetation

The Cenote Zaci is a beautiful open cenote located right in the heart of Valladolid only 2 blocks from the main plaza. It’s a beautiful refreshing sinkhole surrounded by vegetation and rock formations, great for refreshing deep in the summer heat of Valladolid.

From Cancun to Valladolid – Cenote Zaci – click on the image to open the map

10. Cenote Suytun 162 km/100 mi

Entrance fee | Regular price $150 mxn ($8 USD)
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

sink hole with green waters and stalactites and stalagmites
Photo © Isabella Biava

You might have seen this cenote multiple times on Instagram as it’s one of the most photographed.

Located only 6 km from Valladolid it opens at 9 but if you wish to take your picture without the crowd you should be there by 8 or 8,30 drive around to the cabañas reception and they will open the cenote for you.

How to get there: From Valladolid, you can rent a bike or hop on a colectivo, minivan which leaves from the ADO station and ask the driver to drop you off at cenote Suytun.

If you have a car, follow the indication on the map. It’s very easy to cenote Suytun from Valladolid.

Facilities | Bathrooms, showers, restaurants, cabañas.

Cancun to Cenote Suytun – Click on the image to open the map

Cenotes in Cancun | Riviera Maya

11. Cenote Azul 95.8 km/59.52 mi

Entrance fee | Regular price 120 MXN (7 USD)
Opening hours | Open every day from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm

cenote azul guy jumping head first
Cenote Azul Riviera Maya photo © Isabella Biava

The Cenote Azul on the Riviera Maya, not to get confused with the Cenote Azul Bacalar, is a beautiful large open cenote made of multiple pools surrounded by a tropical garden.

Cenote Azul is one of the most beautiful cenotes near Playa del Carmen

You can swim, jump or just bask in the sun on one of the platforms or benches.

Avoid Saturdays and Sundays if you are not fond of crowded places.

Facilities – Bathrooms, Showers, Snorkeling and life jacket rentals, Snack bar, lockers

Click on the image to open the map
cenote azul couple
Cenote Azul – Photo © Isabella Biava

12. Cenote Cristalino 95.8km/59.52 mi

Entrance fee | $200 (12 USD) pesos for adults | $150 (8) pesos for children.
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

cenote cristalino Cave
Cenote Cristalino Cave
cenote cristalino corner
Cenote Cristalino stairs

The Cenote Cristalino is another beautiful open cenote, with emerald green water, embraced by a tropical lush jungle. It’s smaller than the nearby Cenote Azul, but still beautiful with a natural tunnel to swim through and a platform from where to jump.

This cenote, for being so close to Playa del Carmen and very accessible is often very crowded. In order to enjoy it fully, you should avoid weekends and prefer the early hours.

Facilities – Bathrooms, showers, snorkeling, and life jacket rentals

Cenote Cristalino from Cancun – Click on the image to open the map

13. Cenote Eden 95.9km/59.58 mi

Entrance fee | 100 MXN per adult and 50 MXN per child
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 8.00 am to 6:00 pm.

Cenote Jarding del Eden
Jardin del Eden Cenote

The cenote Eden is one of the divers’ favorites among the open cenotes of the Riviera Maya.

It’s a very wide cenote with impressive rock formations at the bottom that you can easily see through crystal-clear water.

In this cenote, I also managed to find the courage to jump too, from one of the platforms.

It was a weekday and the cenote was not that crowded. Just a few tourists and some divers.

In the cenote of Eden, you can also take your snorkeling gear and enjoy watching what’s underwater. Or you can just chill and swim around.

Keep in mind that you are not allowed anymore to take picture with a professional camera or a drone.

Cancun to Cenote Eden – Click on the image to open the map

14. Cenote dos Ojos 121 km/75.1 mi

Entrance fee | Regular price $200 mxn ($12 USD)
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Cenote Dos Ojos Cave
Cenote dos Ojos – Photo from Canva

The Cenote Dos Ojos, which means 2 eyes, is one of the most popular among divers and regular visitors.

If you want to dive, it requires a good level of preparation, suitable equipment, and an expert guide.

But if you just want to enjoy the cenote swim and snorkel you can just go for it with no restrictions but the usual safety measures.

Cancun to Cenote dos Ojos – Click on the image to open the map

15. Cenote Taak Bi Ha 121 km/75.18 mi

Entrance fee | Regular price $400 mxn ($25 USD)
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Cenote Taak Bi Ha
Cenote Taak Bi Ha

I went to check out cenote Taak Bi – Ha twice because the first time my camera failed me and all the pictures I took disappeared.

However, I found this cenote so beautiful that it was worth going back and give it another shot (literally) this time the pictures came out decently.

It’s a cave cenote that you reach by man-made wooden stairs that lead you to a wide platform where you can leave your stuff and go swimming. At the ticket office, you can also hire a guide to take you swimming around above a small cave around the cenote. But you can easily do it on your own.

To get to cenote Taak bi ha you need to follow the entrance to Dos Ojos, but instead of stopping at the ticket office, you should continue straight for another 1 km until you find the sign to the entrance. There is a parking lot where you can leave your car.

If you decide to get there by bus from Cancun it’s a bit trickier because you will need to get to Playa del Carmen and then hop on a minivan (combi or Colectivo) to Tulum and ask the driver to drop you off at Cenote Dos Ojos Entrance.

From there you will have to walk for 1 km or hire an on-site taxi for 25 MXN to take you there.

If you decide to walk, make sure you cover your head and mouth with a cloth as it’s hot and dusty. And bring water with you.

Tulum Cenotes near

16. Cenote Caleta Yal-ku

Entrance fee | Regular price $14 USD (300MXN)
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 9.00 am to 4:00 pm.

Caleta Yalku aerial view
Caleta Yalku aerial view Photo © Isabella Biava with DJI Mini 2

Cenote Caleta Yalku is a cenote in disguise because it’s inside a bay in Akumal and if you don’t know it, it’s difficult to see the cenote.

The lagoon is surrounded by mangroves, and rocks with hooks and creeks, home to many birds and fishes, which makes it a great place for snorkeling and swimming.

I would recommend taking a snorkeling tour with a local guide to make your trip even more enjoyable.

Facilities: Snorkeling gear and life jacket rental, bathrooms, shower, snack bar, parking.

Cenotes in Cancun | Tulum area

17. Cenote Aktun Ha  (also called Cenote CarWash) 137 km/85.1 mi

Entrance fee | Regular price $200 mxn ($12 USD)
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Cenote Aktun Ha - Carwash
Cenote Aktun Ha – Car wash

What I love about this cenote is that is less known and less visited. Also, you can walk around all its perimeter through a jungle path. Many beginner divers especially love it.

It’s quite a large natural pool of crystalline water not far away from Tulum.

Facilities – Bathrooms, showers, lockers ( 20 MXN), snacks

Click on the image to open the map

18. Grand Cenote 133 km/82.64 mi

Entrance fee | Regular price $300 mxn ($17 USD)
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 8 am – 4.45 pm.

Gran cenote - Tulum - Mexico
Grand Cenote – Tulum –

The Grand Cenote is one of the most popular, the most expensive, and the most crowded.

It is a nice cenote indeed but I believe they are a little abusive with charging so much. They also charge you if you want to take pictures with a professional camera.

It’s a very beautiful cenote, no doubt, where you can swim through natural tunnels, jump and enjoy the natural surroundings, but if you get there when it’s crowded, which is most of the time, it takes away the magic.

If you really want to visit, make sure you get there early morning.

Cancun to the Grand Cenote

19. Cenote Calavera 133 km/82.6 mi

Entrance fee | Regular price $200 mxn ($10 USD)
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The Cenote Calavera is another one of the most Instagrammed cenotes and one of the smallest among the Cenotes near Cancun

It is especially known among divers but also photographers. You can jump in but there is not much space for swimming.

There is a swing where you can hang out for the picture but then you need to leave space to others.

It’s one of my least favorite cenotes around Cancun to be honest but I included it for the sake of information.

How to get there

From Cancun, you can get to Tulum by ADO bus and from Tulum, you can go by bicycle or taxi, on the main road to Coba on the right side.

Or, of course, you can hire a car, which is my favorite option of all.

20. Cenote Corazon 137 km/85.1 mi

Entrance fee | Regular price $150 mxn ($8 USD)
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Cenote Corazon is one of the most spectacular cenotes in the Riviera Maya. It’s located right after Tulum on the way to Chetumal

Cancun Cenotes - Cenote Corazon
Cenote Corazon – Aerial view – Photo © Isabella Biava

There are wooden platforms nicely located along the rim where you can lie down and relax.

Get there in the morning, and possibly avoid weekends if you love peace and tranquillity.

Divers love it for the beautiful rock formations and caves at the bottom of the cenote, but it’s a great place where to hang out and read a book or take a swim.

From Cancun to Cenote Corazon – Click on the image to open the map

21. Laguna Kaan Luum 141 km/ 87.6 mi

Entrance fee | Regular price $300 mxn ($18 USD)
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 16:00 pm.

Kaan Luum Aerial view
Kaan Luum Aerial View
Kaan Luum Swings

It’s a spectacular lagoon with a cenote in it, located just a 10-minute drive from Tulum.

It was a favorite by locals, but it’s recently become very popular among tourists and expats as well who are flocking there to enjoy the spectacular views and calming scenery to escape from the city hustle!

They have now extended the platforms and added a lookout tour but it still gets crowded so I would suggest you should really go early to make the most of it.

Click on the image to open the map

Cenotes in Cancun | Coba

A little further away from Cancun, but still doable in one day, you can find the small village of Coba famous for the spectacular archeological site but also for the magical cenotes. Here below you can find information and pics.

If you have rented your own car I would suggest you push your itinerary further all the way to Coba only a 1 hr drive from Tulum.

The cenotes in Coba are close to each other and you can visit them all in a couple of hours, if you enjoy swimming, jumping, and relaxing in the soothing water surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites.

There is only one ticket office on the main road where you can purchase the ticket for each cenote separately in case you want to see only one. I suggest you see them all since you are already there.

In every cenote, you can find facilities such as bathrooms, showers, and changing rooms.

22. Multun-ha

Entrance fee | Regular price $100 mxn ($5 USD)
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM

Multum-ha cenote platform guy walking
Multum-ha cenote Coba
Multum- ha cenote
Multum-ha cenote platform

Cenote Multum-ha is the one that is 10 minute drive away from the other two.

You need to climb down some steep but easy stairs and you get to the ha spacious platform from where you can swim in crystal-clear water below a huge dome of stalactites and stalagmites.

Not good for those who are very claustrophobic. Otherwise, it’s spectacular.

There are no jumping platforms from this one.

23. Tankach Ha

Entrance fee | Regular price $100 mxn ($5 USD)
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM

Cenote Tankach-ha
Cenote Tancach-ha
Cenote Tankach-ha Cave

Takach Ha cenote is the deepest cenote of all. In fact, there is a tall jumping platform for the more adventurous swimmers.

For the more cautious like me, no worries, there is a very comfortable stair to help you get into the water. Or you can jump from the low platform.

24. Cenote Choo Ha

Entrance fee | Regular price $100 mxn ($5 USD)
Opening hours | from Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM

_Choo ha cenote rocks and transparent water
Choo ha cenote
Choo ha cenote Stalactites
Choo ha cenote

Cenote Choo Ha, is the most beautiful in my opinion, for the rock formation and the natural light that comes in.

It’s the most familiar and the water is very shallow and crystal clear. No jumping from here but you can swim and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Cenotes in Cancun | Interesting facts about cenotes

What are the cenotes?

The Mexican cenotes are deep underwater lakes whose waters are filtered from the rocks either from underneath the sea or the rainwater from above.

How are cenotes created?

Because the entire region is flat and made of limestone bedrock, those allow the rainwater to filtrate the soil from above and the seawater from the bottom, creating huge water deposits and underground rivers.

Cenotes as a Mayan heritage

The importance of the cenotes goes back to the Mayan times, the pre-Hispanic population that inhabited this area.

For the Mayan civilization, the cenotes were both precious and unique sources of water provision and sacred places for their religious ceremonies.

There are more than 6000 cenotes (imagine that!) all over the entire Yucatan Peninsula territory, many of them are private, and others have been accessible for the public to enjoy. This makes it also a decent source of income for the local owners.

What to bring when you visit a cenote

Here is a list of things you need to remember to take with you when you visit a cenote:

  • swimsuit
  • towel
  • ecological repellent
  • ecological sunscreen (that you should wear only after swimming in the cenote)
  • camera
  • snorkeling gear
  • dress light
  • bring an extra set of swimsuits to get change after

Cenote in Cancun rules | how to respect the environment when you visit a cenote

I always like to recommend some common and easy practices that respect the environment and help preserve it. Even if it’s just a grain of sand, everything helps. And it’s nice to know that we can contribute.

❌ sunscreen or repellent are prohibited before bathing in the cenotes

♻️ If you use them after, make sure they are eco-friendly.

🚯 Don’t leave anything that doesn’t belong to the place – Aka don’t litter

❌ Don’t hang onto stalactites or stalagmites or trees roots

📢 Don’t be noisy and respect other people’s tranquillity

😇 Don’t do anything that can damage the environment or other visitors

Cenotes in Cancun | How to get to the cenotes from Cancun

I always mention that the best way to visit the Yucatan Peninsula is by renting a car.

That’s even more recommended if you are visiting cenotes. It’s much easier to go on your own at your own pace without having to rush it or follow someone else’s schedule.

With the exception of the cenotes of the Riviera Maya that are right on the main road and accessible by local “colectivos” (minivans), it is very difficult to reach all the other cenotes by local transportation.

If you don’t feel confident driving in Mexico, which is absolutely understandable, you can always hire a taxi for the entire day or the hours you need.

In this case, make sure you ask your hotel reception or hire a taxi driver that you trust and absolutely check on the rates before confirming the service.

Usually, they are quite abusive in that area of Cancun and charge you outrageous prices, and moneywise it’s always more convenient to hire a car.

Underground cave cenote

Cenote tours from Cancun

If you feel like you don’t want to spend too much time planning and organizing or you don’t have many vacation days and want to optimize the time you have and see as much as possible, joining a tour is the perfect solution for you.

Joining a tour will save you time in many ways and you can combine more visits in one day and share your experience with like-minded people.

Here below are the top tours I have selected for you for the highest ratings.

👉 Tulum and Cenotes Tour

4.5 ⭐ 1504 Reviews

Tulum Archaeological Site and Cenote Chen Há and Mariposa tour from Cancun

Underground Cave Cenote with stalactites

👉 ATV, Ziplines, and Cenote Tour at Extreme Adventure Eco Park Cancun

4.5 ⭐ 1283 Reviews

For the more adventurous ones, this tour combines a cenote swim with a jungle zipline course, off-road ATV experience in the Extreme Adventure Eco Park.

Includes round-trip hotel transfer, refreshments, and all activities.

👉 Tour Cenotes Oasis Maya by Xcaret from Cancún 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1504 Reviews

This guided tour will take you around the Mayan Cenote, paddling through caverns and subterranean rivers and floating on rubber tubes.

It’s a small small-group tour, limited to 19 people, and includes round-trip hotel transportation, snacks, and a gourmet picnic lunch

Cenotes in Cancun FAQ

Which is the best cenote in Cancun?

There are so many amazing cenotes near Cancun that it’s impossible to say which one is the best. It also depends on whether you like peaceful cenotes, or some adventure, open or cave cenotes. I hope that reading this guide has helped you find the best one for you.

When is the best time to visit a cenote in Cancun?

Every time is a good time to visit a cenote, but a sunny day is much better to see the beautiful colors of an open cenote. If it’s a cloudy day it’s better to go in a cave cenote. You may want to check out when is the best time to visit Cancun to plan your vacation.

How much does it cost to go to a cenote in Cancun?

It varies, depending on how popular is the cenote and how the owner are managing it. Prices to visit a cenote ranges from 30 pesos to 700 for a cenote park with multiple activities.

How many cenotes are there in Cancun?

In the city of Cancun there is only one Cenote that is open to the public that I know of, Cenote Ix-ha. But there are many more all around Cancun including the one that I spoke about in this post.

Are the cenotes in Cancun deep?

Yes, many of them can reach 30 mt. Kaan Luum Lagoon reaches 80mt depth. But others are quite shallow.

Are there alligators in cenotes?

In general, it’s difficult to find an alligator in a cenote but it’s not impossible. In fact, in Casa Cenote, there is an old gator called Panchito that hangs out but it’s harmful to visitors.

Do cenotes have snakes?

There may be snakes in the surroundings since cenotes are situated in a lush tropical jungle area with thick vegetation, a favorite home for snakes.

However, although I have been in so many cenotes that I cannot even count, I have never seen a snake. They may have seen me though. 😂

Are there sharks in cenotes?

No, no sharks can be found in cenotes.

Do cenotes smell?

Cenotes are not supposed to smell. If they do, it means there is something wrong with the water or the surrounding area. In this case, I would recommend not swimming and warning the local staff. They either can check or they can offer an explanation.

Is it safe to go to the cenotes in Cancun?

In general, Cancun is relatively safe to explore around, including going to the cenotes. There are some safety tips that you need to follow and I have included them in my detailed post linked above.

When you are in a cenote, just follow the cenote rules that are mentioned at the entrance and you’ll be fine. Most of all, if you are not a good swimmer or you don’t feel confident, make sure you wear a lifejacket, and jump only in the designated areas.

The Best Cenotes in Cancun: final thoughts

I hope this post was useful and you are now planning your Cenote trip from Cancun. As you can see there are so many cenotes near Cancun and even if visiting them implies quite a drive it’s always worth the trip.

If you don’t feel like visiting the cenotes on your own you can still join an organized tour and go with a guide. There are so many ways to visit a Cenote in Cancun and I hope this guide will help you will find the perfect one for you.

To learn about Cancun head over to my complete Cancun Travel Guide.

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