Cancun vs Isla Mujeres: Which One Is Best for a Mexican Beach Vacation? [2023]

Cancun vs Isla Mujeres? Which is best for you and your travel style and preferences? If you are in doubt about where to go on vacation between Cancun and Isla Mujeres you have landed in the right place.

If you are going on vacation to Mexico and wonder where to go I feel your pain. With so many amazing options, it can be hard to decide which Mexican destination to visit.

I live in Cancun and I have been going to Isla Mujeres multiple times. In this post, I will tell you all the main differences and similarities between the two spectacular Mexican vacation destinations in the Yucatan peninsula.

I’ll cover all the most important information about Cancun versus Isla Mujeres including costs, safety, activities, tours, transportation, and more.

I also have special sections for those traveling solo, as a family, or for a honeymoon. So keep reading to find out which destination on the Mexican Caribbean coast is best for you. Let’s dive in!

CANCUN VS ISLA MUJERES an honest comparison
Cancun vs Isla Mujeres: an honest comparison

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Cancun vs Isla Mujeres: An overview

Cancun and Isla Mujeres are to amazing Mexican beach vacation destinations located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo in the Yucatan Peninsula.

While Cancun is on the mainland, Isla Mujeres is a small island and it’s located at 30 minutes ferry ride from Cancun.

As you can imagine they share the same spectacular turquoise Caribbean Sea but they have very different territories and beaches.

Both are incredible destinations with similar climates and natural wonders but they have very different atmospheres and offer distinct kinds of vacations. So let’s find out all the differences.

Cancun at a glance

Aerial view of cancun beach and lagoon
Aerial view of Cancun beach and lagoon

Cancun is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Mexico. And for good reason! It’s best known for its gorgeous white sand beaches, incredible all-inclusive resorts, and lively nightlife.

As the gateway to the Yucatán Peninsula, Cancun offers easy access to any number of fabulous regional destinations. It is only ten minutes away from Cancun international airport and offers hundreds of tour options to places like Chichen Itza, Tulum, Valladolid, Playa del Carmen, and Isla Mujeres itself.

Cancun is surrounded by lush jungles, turquoise Caribbean waters, and the otherworldly beauty of cenotes.

Cancun is a big city with two different areas, the Hotel Zone with huge high-rise all-inclusive hotels and downtown with no charm at all but where you can find cheaper accommodations.

Isla Mujeres at a glance

Isla Mujeres overview
Isla Mujeres aerial view

Isla Mujeres is an island just across the bay from Cancun and is only accessible by ferry. The island is best known for its incredible white sand beaches, turquoise water, and its fascinating mixture of Mayan history and eclectic art.

Where Cancún is bustling, Isla Mujeres offers visitors charm and tranquility. Despite its laid-back ambiance, there are still activities galore on Isla, including top-notch snorkeling, beaches, and amazing restaurants.

The vibe is more intimate and colorful than in Cancun, with more chances to interact with locals, travelers, and expats.

Since it’s a small island, 5-mile long with an area of 1.629 mi², everything is at a close distance and the town is a few steps from the main beach.

Cancun beach
Cancun Beach Aerial view

1. Cancun VS Isla Mujeres: Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit Cancun

The best weather in Cancun is usually from December to April, the dry season This is a great time to enjoy the beaches since the days are sunny and beautiful. However, if you would like to see whale sharks, plan to visit in mid-July through mid-August instead.

In Cancun, the shoulder season for tourists is from September until early December and from May to June. These two seasons are the best time to find good deals in Cancun since many hotels offer promotions to bring in more business.

October is the most humid month, and August is the rainiest month.

So the best time to visit Cancun depends on what you are looking for.

Isla Mujeres east coast
Isla Mujeres East Coast

Best Time To Visit Isla Mujeres

As I mentioned earlier Isla Mujeres and Cancun are located only 30 minutes from each other and therefore they share the same climate. The best weather on Isla Mujeres is from November 26th to March 25th. The lowest chance of rain is in January, February, and March. March is the least humid month. This is a great time to visit.

Unsurprisingly, Isla Mujeres gets the most visitors in the months with the best weather: January through March, so these months may also be more expensive.

Fewer tourists visit in December, making it a likely time to find great deals, and that applies to Cancun as well.

A note on Sargasso in Cancun and Isla Mujeres

You will be surprised to read that when the Cancun coast is infested with the sargassum algae, Isla Mujeres remains free from that plague, because of the currents that are pushing it away from its coast.

Something to keep in mind if during your vacation in Cancun you find a lot of sargassum, you can just get to Isla Mujeres in 30-minute ferry ride and enjoy a clean beach.

Rough Sea on Cancun Beach
Rough Sea on Cancun Beach

2. Cancun vs Isla Mujeres: General Cost Comparison

Although the cost may not be your only criterion when it comes to choosing the perfect Mexican destination, it does come into play. Let’s take a look at what tourists spend on average in Cancun vs Isla Mujeres.

Please note that the below prices are approximate average, and you find cheap restaurants and fine dining in both destinations, for all sorts of prices.

What to Budget in Cancun (Averages)

While in Cancún, travelers spend an average of $102 US dollars per day. Most travelers spend an average of 18 USD on meals, 12 USD on transportation, and 137 USD on a hotel, according to this source.

In fact, Cancun can be a very expensive or budget destination, depending on how you like to travel.

What to Budget in Isla Mujeres (Averages)

While in Isla Mujeres, travelers spend an average of $101 US dollars per day. Most travelers spend an average of 32 USD on meals, 24 USD on transportation, and 107 USD on hotels. (source)

Isla Mujeres harbor
Isla Mujeres harbor

3. Cancun vs Isla Mujeres: safety

Both Cancun and Isla Mujeres are considered relatively safe to travel to. Most of the crimes in the area are gang and drug-related.

Crime has gone down significantly since the state created its Tourist Security Battalion at the end of 2021–a group of 1500 national guard members permanently assigned to popular tourist destinations throughout the state.

That doesn’t mean nothing can happen to you in Cancún or Isla Mujeres, but overall they are both relatively safe destinations. You should still exercise caution, use your common sense, and be careful to stow valuables out of sight to limit crimes of opportunity.

4. Cancun VS Isla Mujeres: Connectivity (easy to reach)

Since Cancun is closest to the international airport and is a major hub with easy access to the rest of the Riviera Maya. It offers the most transportation options to other places in the region. Travel in the city is best accomplished on the local buses. Taxis are also available, although they are a more expensive option.

Although Isla Mujeres is a little further than Cancún, it only requires 20 extra minutes for the ferry crossing. The streets are narrow and most are one-way in the center of town. It is easy to get around on foot, or by renting a golf cart to head further afield. Taxis are also numerous and available.

In Isla Mujeres, it’s very common to rent golf carts to explore the island.

Aerial view hotel zone road Cancun
Aerial view hotel zone road Cancun

How to get from Cancun international airport to your hotel

Whether you are heading to Isla Mujeres or anywhere in Cancun from the airport you should know that Uber is not available in Cancun or anywhere in the state of Quintana Roo.

There are many ways to get to your hotel from Cancun airport. The easiest way, and my favorite one, is a door-to-door private shuttle service offered by Cancun Airport Transportation because it’s all about comfort and convenience.

Cancun Airport Transportation staff speak English, are reliable, and professional, and provide a minimum waiting time service!

They can take you from the Cancun Airport to anywhere in Cancun, including the ferry to Isla Mujeres.

5. Cancun vs Isla Mujeres: Beaches

Both destinations have spectacular beaches but are very different. Let’s see what they look like!

Cancun beaches

Cancun beach stretches along over 20 km of the Cancun coast offering spectacular views but different kinds of beach facilities and access to the sea. From km 9 onwards the sea is not always accessible because of the currents and waves. In fact, Cancun is becoming more and more of a surf destination.

Before Km 9, though, the sea is more shallow and calm and it becomes very accessible for anyone, kids included.

From Cancun, you can reach the northern Coast, called Costa Mujeres all the way up to the beautiful Isla Blanca where it’s also very easy to swim although accessible only by car or taxi as the local transportation is not very frequent.

From June through October, you can find sargassum weeds along the Cancun coast. Some hotels would clean their beach but it’s very difficult to maintain as it’s a very invasive alga and it can get very smelly.

Cancun Playa Delfines Beach
Cancun Playa Delfines Beach

Isla Mujeres beaches

The most popular Isla Mujeres beach is playa norte famous for its spectacular crystal clear shallow water. In fact, you can walk far off the coast in the water.

All along the western coast you can easily swim and enjoy the shallow calm water, while the east coast is open Ocean and the water is rougher with some nasty currents, so it’s not recommendable to swim there.

In Isla Mujeres, there is no sargassum, even when it invades the Cancun coast, something to keep in mind!

6. Cancun vs Isla Mujeres | Average Hotel Rates 

Cancun hotel prices can vary a lot depending on what kind of traveler you are. Expect to pay between 280 – 450 MXN for a shared dormitory room at a hostel, or up to 1000-1,500 MXN for a private two-person room. Budget hotels tend to cost between 600-900 MXN per night. Luxury hotels in Cancun can range from 3560 to 18780+ MXN.

The average cost of a hotel on Isla Mujeres for a couple is 2,084 MXN. However, you can book a shared dormitory at a hostel for as little as 350 MXN, and a budget hotel for 900-1258 MXN. Vacation rentals are also an option here, and could cost around 1781 MXN. Luxury boutique hotels can range from 3500 to 13050 MXN.


7. Cancun VS Isla Mujeres | Best Hotels and Resorts

There are many options when it comes to resorts in both Cancun and Isla Mujeres. If you love all-inclusive resorts in Isla Mujeres you won’t find as many options as in Cancun.

In fact, the pretty island is more common to find small boutique hotels and apartments from the budget ones to the most luxurious ones.

Here below I have selected for you some of the cutest places in both destinations.

Best Hotels Resorts in Cancun

► Royal UNO – All-Inclusive Resort & Spa

Royal Uno All Inclusive Resort
Royal Uno All Inclusive resort Cancun – photo © Expedia

The Royal UNO is a completely refurbished all-inclusive resort in Cancún. It features a private beach, a marina on Nichupté Lagoon, elegant rooms, splendid vistas, and lovely outdoor pools.

There is also a gym, a bar in the lobby, a café, a wonderful restaurant, and an express spa. All reservations include two free tickets to the Cancun Mayan Museum.

Guests loved the amenities, entertainment, kid programs, and food.

👉 Check rates and availability on | Expedia |

►Haven Riviera Cancun Adults Only

haven riviera cancun overview
Haven Riviera Cancun aerial view – Photo © Expedia

The Haven Riviera brings luxury to a whole new level. Enjoy this adults-only Cancun resort featuring an enormous swimming pool, a garden, a shared lounge, a bar, free private parking, a tennis court, a hot tub, a sun terrace, and a restaurant.

Enjoy the buffet breakfast, all-you-can-drink cocktails, and gorgeously equipped rooms.

It’s located on the way to Puerto Morelos, just passed the Cancun airport.

👉Check rates and availability on | Expedia |

►Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina

Renaissance Hotel in Cancun Room view
View from a suite from Renaissance Cancun – Photo © Expedia

The Renaissance Cancun is another excellent Cancun hotel in the brand new Puerto Cancun center, featuring clean and modern facilities, an outdoor pool, an excellent restaurant, a great fitness center, easy access to the Marina Town Center Mall, and amazing customer service.

Guests loved the clean and comfortable rooms, the delicious food, and the friendly staff. Mind, it’s not on the beach.

👉Check rates and availability on | Expedia |

Best Hotels Resorts in Isla Mujeres

► Casa de los Sueños Hotel Boutique

Casa de los suenos isla mujeres
Casa de los Suenos Isla Mujeres – photo © Expedia

Casa de Los Sueños is a 5 Star boutique hotel right on the beach in Isla Mujeres. Amenities include swimming pools, an on-site restaurant, free wi-fi, incredible sea views, and massage services.

The rooms are comfortable and modern. They come equipped with a mini fridge and a private bathroom. Some rooms also have balconies with sea views.

At Casa de Los Sueños, guests have free use of paddle boards, kayaks, bicycles, waterslides, and snorkeling gear.

👉Check rates and book la Casa de los Sueños o | Expedia |

Izla Beach Front Hotel

Izla Beach front hotel Photo © Expedia

Izla Beach Front Hotel offers guests world-class treatment in a gorgeous beachside setting on Isla Mujeres. Amenities include a garden, a lovely roof-top bar, an excellent restaurant, a private beach area, and a refreshing outdoor swimming pool. There is also room service, free wifi, a 24-hour front desk, and currency exchange services.

This hotel is right on Pescador Beach, with easy access to Indios and Lancheros beaches.

👉Check rates and availability on | Expedia |

►Lotus Beach Hotel – Adults Only

lotus beach hotel isla mujeres
Lotus beach hotel Isla Mujeres – Photo © Expedia

The Lotus Beach Hotel is another incredible lodging option on Isla Mujeres. The Lotus is right on one of Isla’s premier beaches and features elegant and warm tropical decor.

Amenities at this hotel include an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant and bar, room service, a tour desk, a concierge service, and perfectly equipped rooms.

Guests loved the location, the clean and spacious rooms, and the great amenities.

👉Check rates and availability on | Expedia |

9. Cancun vs Isla Mujeres: Things to Do in Isla Mujeres and Cancun

Check out these great things to do in Isla Mujeres and Cancun to help you decide which destination is best for you.

Things to do in Cancun

Cancún is most famous for its resorts and its nightlife. The resorts offer an enormous variety of activities to keep you entertained during your stay. These activities can range from kid’s clubs and evening shows to watersports.

Cancún is also a great jumping-off point for snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching, ATVing, sailing on a catamaran, and making trips to other points of interest in the region.

Cancun playa langosta
Cancun Playa Langosta – one of the best beaches in Cancun

Things to do in Isla Mujeres

Although Isla Mujeres is much smaller than Cancún, you can still find plenty of activities to do here. You can go swimming, enjoy the beaches, tour the island via bicycle or golf cart, shop in the town center, or take a yoga class.

Isla is also a wonderful spot for snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing trips. You can make outings to swim with whales, visit a wildlife and bird sanctuary, or scuba dive to see the largest underwater sculpture museum in the world (MUSA).

On Isla Mujeres, don’t expect the hotels and resorts to have as many entertainment options or programs.

Isla Mujeres sea aerial view
Isla Mujeres sea aerial view

10. Cancun vs Isla Mujeres: Tours

Both Cancun and Isla Mujeres offer wonderful tour options, especially for snorkeling, scuba diving, and whale watching. 

Cancun offers many additional options for visiting other parts of the region (such as Chichén Itzá, Cenotes, Tulum, and more).

The tours on Isla Mujeres tend to be more about water sports and enjoying the local atmosphere.

Top-rated three Tours in Cancun

► ATV Jungle Adventure with Ziplines, Cenote & Tequila Tasting

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 389 Reviews

Open Cenote near Cancun
Open cenote near Cancun

Head to the jungles during this fun adventure tour at an Eco-Park. The day includes a zipline course through the jungle, an off-road ATV tour, and time to swim in one of the region’s famed cenotes. You’ll also enjoy an informative tequila-tasting session.

This tour includes a snack, a bilingual guide, and hotel pickup and drop-off.

Free cancellation – Up to 24 hours in advance!

👉 I recommend booking the ATV Jungle Adventure Tour in advance on VIATOR

► Cancun Tacos and Local Beer Tour: Visit Four Taquerías and a Night Market

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 240 Reviews

Tacos tray
Mexican Tacos

This fun tour will introduce you to the best local food in Cancún! A local will take you around to different taco stands to eat delicious Yucatecan-style tacos… accompanied by the lively tunes of a mariachi band.

This tour includes a bilingual guide, four beers, tacos, churros, and pickup and dropoff to your Cancun hotel. You’ll also have skip-the-line access at each eatery.

Free cancellation – Up to 24 hours in advance!

👉 I recommend booking the Cancun Tacos and Local Beer Tour in advance on VIATOR

► Reef and Shipwreck Snorkeling Tour in Cancun

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 826 Reviews

Snorkeling in Cancun
Snorkeling in Cancun

Another amazing Cancun tour will take you out on the water. You’ll swim amongst shipwrecks, coral reefs, giant sea turtles, and schools of tropical fish.

As an added bonus, this tour keeps group numbers small so that you’ll get the best service and attention possible.

Free cancellation – Up to 24 hours in advance!

👉 I recommend booking the Reef and Shipwreck Snorkeling Tour in Cancun in advance on VIATOR

Isla Mujeres beach
Isla Mujeres beach

Top Three Tours in Isla Mujeres

► Isla Mujeres Snorkeling Tour with Lunch Included

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 918 Reviews

This half-day snorkeling tour from Isla Mujeres will take you to three amazing snorkel locations. You’ll visit the largest coral reef in the area (Manchones), as well as MUSA, a one-of-a-kind underwater sculpture museum.

This tour includes instruction, snorkel gear, and a yummy barbecued fish lunch.

Free cancellation – Up to 24 hours in advance!

👉 I recommend booking the Reef and Shipwreck Snorkeling Tour in Cancun in advance on VIATOR

► Scuba diving at MUSA (underwater museum)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 56 Reviews

Get up close and personal with the underwater world surrounding Isla Mujeres with this excellently-rated scuba tour! During the tour, you and your padi-certified instructor will make two different dives, one to MUSA, and the other in the Manchones Reef System.

At MUSA, you’ll explore over 450 underwater sculptures… many of which are now becoming home to coral and fish. At Manchones, you’ll have a chance to look closely at beautiful coral reefs, schools of tropical fish, sea turtles, and rays.

All the equipment is provided, as well as refreshments.

 Free cancellation – Up to 24 hours in advance!

👉 I recommend booking the Scuba Diving at Musa Tour in Isla Mujeres in advance on VIATOR

Isla Mujeres punta sur
Isla Mujeres Punta Sur

► Isla Mujeres Golf Cart Bar Crawl

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 36 Reviews

If you love trying local brews, this fun bar crawl tour on Isla Mujeres could be the perfect tour for you! Experience the island in true Isla style… on a golf cart! Your guide will take you to off-beat local spots where you’ll get to try several specialty beers, local liquors, and mezcal.

The tour includes a beer flight at the local brewery, mezcal tasting with a side of crunchy roasted crickets, and four specialty drinks at various Isla Mujeres “watering holes.”

Free cancellation – Up to 24 hours in advance!

👉 I recommend booking the Isla Mujeres Golf Cart Bar Crawl Tour in Isla Mujeres in advance on VIATOR

11. Cancun VS Isla Mujeres: Best Place to Visit as a Family Traveling

Both Cancun and Isla Mujeres offer fun activities for families.

Although downtown Cancun may not be the best environment for families, there are quite a few day trips available that would work great for kids. You can also stay outside of the hotel zone to enjoy a quieter and less bustling environment.

Here are some of the things you can do in Cancun with kids:

  • Take Surf lessons
  • Visit the Wax Museum
  • Go on a Moonlight Snorkeling Tour
  • Enjoy a Jungle Tour Speedboat Adventure
  • Visit Xcaret Park
  • Get an Extreme Adventure Park All-Day Pass
  • Try the FlowRider at Aquaworld
Cancun overview of the beach and hotel Zone

Isla Mujeres is a laid-back family-friendly destination far from the craziness of Cancun. The center of town can still be super busy, but at least one street is pedestrian-only. There are also many beaches and day trips that are perfect for kids.

Here are some of the activities you can enjoy on Isla Mujeres as a family:

  • Explore the art park at Punta Sur
  • Enjoy Playa Norte Beach
  • Walk along Miguel Hidalgo Street
  • Swim with Whale Sharks
  • Go on a Snorkel Tour
  • Visit the Isla Mujeres Water Park

12. Cancun VS Isla Mujeres: Best Place to Visit for honeymoon

A honeymoon in Cancun could be a dream come true. The beaches, nightlife, and hospitality make this a stand-out spot to spend those blissful post-wedding days. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive resort or a jumping-off spot for regional adventures, Cancun is the better choice.

Top Ideas for a Honeymoon in Cancun

  • Visit Chichén Itzá – ↳Book it here
  • Go on a Luxury Catamaran & Snorkel Cruise – ↳ Book it here
  • Visit the Mayan ruins of Tulum – ↳Book your tour here
  • Go sailing at sunset with a romantic private dinner – ↳Book it here
  • Watch the sunrise on the beach or the sunset on the Lagoon
  • Go on a mystical cenote tour – ↳Book it here
  • Go ATVing together through the jungle – ↳Book it here
Tulum Ruins
Tulum Archeological site – Book your tour from Cancun

On the other hand, if you enjoy a more laid-back setting, boutique hotels, and gorgeous island scenery, Isla Mujeres is definitely the way to go.

You can still go on tours to the surroundings, snorkel, scuba dive, enjoy a beach, have romantic dinners, and more.

Top Ideas for a Honeymoon in Isla Mujeres

  • Watch the sunrise from Punta Sur
  • Swim with the gentle whale sharks – ↳ Book it here
  • Shop for jewelry and souvenirs downtown
  • Go on a snorkeling and/or scuba diving tour – ↳Book it here
  • Take a private sunset tour – ↳ Book it here!
  • Take a day trip to Isla Contoy, a bird sanctuary where only 200 people are allowed in every day – ↳Book it here
Whale sharks
Swim with the gentle giants of the sea the whale sharks – ↳ Book it here

13. Cancun VS Isla Mujeres: Best place to visit as a solo traveler

Both Cancun and Isla Mujeres lend themselves to solo travel. Let’s dive into the similarities and differences.

Cancún offers solo travelers lots of excitement. The vibrant nightlife lends itself to lots of fun mingling with other tourists, some of whom you may be able to join on other adventures. There are also many hostel options in Cancun, offering additional opportunities to meet people.

Of course, you can also do lots of fun activities such as exploring the city through a walking tour or a taco culinary experience or by taking a day trip to Chichén Itza, Tulum Playa del Carmen, or many lovely cenotes.

Among the hotels in Cancun that are especially catered for solo travelers are Breathless Cancun, Selina Cancun downtown, and Selina Cancun Lagoon.

Isla Mujeres may be known for its tranquility, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an incredible time as a solo traveler! In fact, Isla Mujeres is small enough that you’ll probably run into the same groups of people on multiple occasions. It’s quite likely you’ll be invited to join some of these groups.

It’s also easy to get around and explore on your own by renting a golf cart, tooling around on foot, or going on a snorkel adventure.

Posada del Mar and La Vida Dulce are two great accommodation options for solo travelers, especially if you enjoy meeting new people.

Tips for Traveling to Cancun

Cancun is extremely close to the international airport, so transportation is easy. Book a transfer with a private shuttle service like Cancun Airport Transportation

✔️ Be sure to save your immigration form from the airport because you’ll need to turn it in on your way out of the country.

✔️ The sun is intense in Cancun, so be sure to pack sunscreen. Mosquito repellent is a good thing to bring as well!

✔️ You’ll get the best exchange rates at ATMs or Casa de Cambios.

✔️ There is no Uber in Cancun, so you’ll have to get around by taxi, bus, or car rental (my favorite option)

Cancun Beach long exposure

Tips for Traveling to Isla Mujeres

To get to Isla Mujeres from Cancun, you’ll need to go to any one of the ferry docks. The biggest one is in Puerto Juarez, just a few minutes away from Cancun’s downtown. Ferries leave every half an hour between 5 am and 9:30 pm, and then every hour after that.

✔️ Once on Isla Mujeres, the easiest way to get around is either by walking or by renting a golf cart. There are also some buses and taxis available.

✔️ Although you can pay in US dollars, it’s better to have some Pesos handy, as you will have a better exchange rate at a bank or casa de Cambio, than at shops.

✔️ Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, because you might be doing a lot of walking.

✔️ Bring sunscreen because the sun is intense. Wear Mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito bites and mosquito-borne illnesses.

✔️ Save the immigration form that you get from the airport so you can show it when you leave.

Isla Mujeres Aerial view - Caribbean coast
Isla Mujeres Caribbean coast – Aerial view

Which is Better Isla Mujeres or Cancun? – Final thoughts

As you can see, both Isla Mujeres and Cancun are worthwhile Mexican vacation destinations!

Cancun is a bustling metropolis known for its all-inclusive high-class resorts, nightlife, and easy access to the entire Riviera Maya.

This city acts as a portal to incredible places such as Tulum, Chichen Itza, Eco Parks, cenotes, and more. If you love amenities, bar hopping, and visiting as many places as you can, Cancun is a great choice.

There are also city tours, taco tours, and fun events available in Cancun.

If you like Cancun’s centrality but don’t like the idea of all the nightlife and spring break craziness, you can always book lodging outside of the hotel zone.

Isla Mujeres is a tranquil, charming, and colorful location offering a combination of natural beauty with interesting artwork, quirky shops, and plenty of chances to enjoy water sports.

You can still find top-notch resorts on Isla Mujeres, but there are also lots of boutique options. It’s also easy to get around the island on foot or by golf cart.

There you have it! Cancun vs Isla Mujeres? Which destination wins out for you?

Other destinations compared to Cancun

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Check out my post to find out the major differences. Coming next is Cancun vs Hawaii and then other Mexican destinations. Stay tuned for other juicy stuff.

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