19 Best Beaches in Cancun That You Should Visit in 2023

Looking for the best beaches in Cancun? You could spend your entire vacation visiting different beaches in search of the best.

While there are limitless activities to do on vacation in Cancun, sometimes all you want is to relax on the beach.

Whether you prefer to pack your supplies and find a secluded stretch of beach or want to people-watch on a beach full of action, Cancun’s seemingly limitless white sandy beaches have what you are looking for.

Keep reading to learn about the 19 top beaches in Cancun that you do not want to miss. 

Cancun Beaches Map

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Best Beaches in Cancun at a glance

Cancun is famous for its amazing beaches. Whether you are staying in a beach-front resort or not, if you are a beach lover, it is worth it to explore the different beaches.

All beaches in Cancun are public, which means you can walk as far as you would like on the beach.

What is not always public is the property with beach access. This means that you can walk or hang out on the beach in front of a hotel, but you cannot use the hotel property to access the beach or its chairs and umbrellas unless you are a guest there. 

Best Beaches in the Cancun Hotel Zone

Drone view of Cancun at Sunset
Cancun Hotel Zone aerial view at sunset

The Cancun Hotel Zone is a 14-mile narrow stretch of land with the Laguna Nichupté on the inside and the beautiful beaches and the Caribbean Sea on the outside.

The Hotel Zone is lined with hotels, all-inclusive resorts, restaurants, and tourist attractions. If you are staying in a hotel here, chances are it is sitting on a stretch of beach.

If not, there are plenty of public access points to get onto the beach, and from there you can walk to find yourself the perfect spot to spend the day. 

#1 Playa Las Perlas

When you leave Cancun Centro and enter the Hotel Zone, Playa Las Perlas is the first beach you will come to. It is located at kilometer 2.5 Bulevard Kukulcan.

Playa Las Perlas is one of the smaller public beaches in the area and has fine white sand. The water is a more blue color than some of the beaches with the stereotypical turquoise color.

Do not expect to surf or do any water sports that need waves, the water is very calm. Occasionally the water can be a bit murky or have floating weeds, making it not the best option if you want to spend your day in the water. 

Playa Las Perlas has a small parking lot, bathrooms, and showers, as well as a playground for children. If you arrive early you can find a shady palapa or palm tree to sit under.

Due to its close location to downtown, this beach is popular with locals on the weekends and you will need to arrive early to get a parking spot or one of the shady spots to set up.

There are no restaurants or stores at Playa Las Perlas, so you will need to bring your own snacks and drinks. 

Playa Las Perlas is a great spot to catch the early morning sunrise and do some outdoor exercise. You can go for a run on the beach or do some yoga under a shady palapa. 

#2 Playa Marlin 

Playa Marlin
Playa Marlin turquoise water – photo from Canva

Playa Marlin is one of the most popular beaches to visit in Cancun. It is located at kilometer 12.5, across the street from Plaza Kukulcan.

This area is popular to visit not just for the great beach, but it is surrounded by restaurants and shopping

Although this is one of the most visited beaches in the area, you will still be able to find a relaxing spot for yourself away from the crowds.

The beach is wide, making it easy to find a spot to set up your picnic. If you do not have your own beach umbrella and chair, you can easily rent one for the day here.

If you want more action than just relaxing on the beach, there are often people playing sports such as soccer and volleyball on the beach.

Here you can go for a parasailing ride for great views of Cancun or get a massage right on the beach. 

Playa Marlin has white sand and turquoise water. If you want to enter the water, be careful and aware of the conditions.

This beach can have current and strong waves, which are great for surfing but can be dangerous if you are not paying attention to the water. 

Playa Marlin has bathrooms, showers, and a parking lot. You will need to get there early to get a parking spot on the weekends. 

Cancun drone view of Playa Langosta
Playa Langosta Aerial View

#3 Playa Langosta 

Playa Langosta is located at kilometer 5 on Bulevar Kukulcan, and the beach access is located next to Hotel Maya.

This beach is popular with both tourists and locals due to its sandy beach and calm, turquoise water.

It is a great place to exercise or go for a swim. 

There is a playground at the entrance to the beach, and several different restaurants within walking distance.

The beach has showers and bathrooms, and you can rent umbrellas, beach chairs, and kayaks. There are often vendors in the area selling snacks and drinks. 

The only bad part about this beach is that it can get crowded, especially on the weekends. If you want the chance to go without the crowds, head there early in the morning or during the week.

The calm shallow water can sometimes have algae floating in it, but you can still get in to swim.

Cancun playa langosta
Cancun Playa Langosta aerial view

#4 Playa Linda

Playa Linda is one of the beaches that is located close to downtown Cancun, at kilometer 4, making it very popular with both tourists and locals.

You will find the entrance to the beach next to the Hotel Occidental Costa Cancun, near the Calinda bridge.

There are a variety of restaurants near the beach to try, and facilities that offer water sports such as parasailing and snorkeling tours. 

Playa Linda is a great option for families, especially those with small children. The water here is calm and shallow, and you can spend time splashing and playing in waist-deep water.

The beach is located on Canal Sigfrido, which connects the lagoon to the ocean. You will be able to watch the boats coming in and out of the lagoon.

Playa Linda has a parking lot, bathrooms, and showers. There are vendors selling food and drinks- if you do not want to pack your own cooler with supplies.

You can rent beach chairs here. 

#5 Playa Punta Nizuc

Cancun Punta Nizuc
Punta Nizuc

Playa Punta Nizuc is one of the furthest south beaches on the strip of the Cancun Hotel Zone. It is located at kilometer 25, near the exit to the Cancun airport.

Its location makes it less popular and crowded than some of the beaches that are closest to downtown, so it is a great option if you want to find an empty beach to relax at.

At the entrance, you will find one of the Chac Mool statues that are located throughout the Cancun Hotel Zone

Unlike most of the public beaches in Cancun, Playa Punta Nizuc is pet friendly. You can bring your dog from 5 am to 11 am to enjoy the calm, shallow waters and play on the beach.

The beach entrance has the rules for bringing your dog listed, which include having them enter and exit the beach on a leash, and that the owners are responsible for cleaning up after them. 

If you want to pack a picnic, there is a large shady palapa at the entrance of Playa Punta Nizuc. There is seating and tables where you can enjoy your meal with great views.

Playa Punta Nizuc has ramps that allow people with limited mobility to have access to the beach too! 

Playa Punta Nizuc is located just 3 kilometers from Punta Nizuc, which is the connection between the Laguna Nichupté and the Caribbean Sea.

There you will find a variety of restaurants. 

If you are looking to bring your dog to your Cancun Vacation you can check out my article on the best dog-friendly hotels in Cancun.

#6 Playa Gaviota Azul

Playa Gaviota Azul in front of Altitude Hotel
Playa Gaviota Azul in front of Altitude Hotel

Playa Gaviota Azul is located at kilometer 8.5 near the Hotel Kristal Altitude. If you can picture the shape of the “7” that the Cancun Hotel Zone makes, this beach is where the two sides connect.

The beach here curves in a bit, protecting Playa Gaviota Azul from the big waves- providing clean and clear water that is easy to swim in.

As you drive away from downtown Cancun into the Hotel Zone, this is the last beach going south that will have calm water.

Once you leave this protected area, the beaches are exposed to bigger waves and stronger currents. 

You can access Playa Gaviota Azul from a corridor that is near CocoBongo. Once you get out onto the beach, you will turn left to get to the area known as Playa Gaviota.

If you have a car, you can park it in the paid parking lot underneath this club. One of the best parts about Playa Gaviota Azul is its amazing panoramic views of the area. 

Playa Gaviota Azul has showers, bathrooms, a first aid station, and lifeguards on duty. You can easily rent beach chairs and umbrellas here.

Playa Gaviota Azul

You can often hear music from the nearby clubs while relaxing on the beach. There are several restaurants within walking distance from the beach, and it is common to find beach vendors selling food walking along the shore – especially kibis.

Kibis is a small, football-shaped snack that is made from roughly ground flour.

They can be filled with meat or cheese and often topped with pickled onions or hot sauce. If you need to stock up on other beach snacks or supplies, there is a Chedraui supermarket close to this beach entrance too. 

Playa Chaac Mol Cancun Aerial view
Playa Chac Mool Aerial view

#7 Playa Chac Mool

Playa Chac Mool is located at kilometer 10 bulevar Kukulcan. To access the beach you will use the same public beach access point near CocoBongo as you use to get to Playa Gaviota Azul.

Once you reach the beach, you will turn right to get to the area called Chac Mool. This beach is in front of several large nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.

If you get hungry you can pop into one of these places and enjoy a tropical drink or snacks with great views of the ocean.

If you are on a budget or prefer to pack your own snacks, there are several convenience stores in the area if you need extra snacks or drinks. 

Playa Chac Mool has bathrooms and showers, and you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas. There are lifeguards on duty here because there can be strong waves and currents.

Even if you are a strong swimmer, make sure to be careful because there can be rip currents. Due to the big waves, Playa Chac Mool is a popular spot for surfing.

If you are a beginner you can check out the surf schools for classes. There are also several other water sports you can do from Playa Chac Mool including water skiing and sailing. 

Every year turtles come to several of the beaches in Cancun to lay their eggs. Local conservation groups organize the collection of these eggs to keep them safe from predators.

The hatched turtles are then released onto the beach to make their journey into the sea. This happens from July to September and if you get the chance to participate, it is an amazing thing to see!  

#8 Playa Caracol

Playa Caracol
Caracol white sand beach – photo from Canva

Playa Caracol is located at kilometer 8, it is located on the northern tip of the Cancun Hotel Zone. It is near the Riu hotel.

This small, but beautiful beach is located between two docks. It has the famous white sand and clear, turquoise water that Cancun is known for. 

Playa Caracol is a great option for families with children or anyone who wants to get into calm, shallow water.

There are no currents or waves on normal days, and the entrance is a gentle slope into the water.

Playa Caracol is a great spot to rent stand-up paddle boards, and if you have your own snorkel gear you can get into the water here. 

Playa Caracol has cement block pilings that are situated as platforms. These are great spots to take pictures and give you great views of the area. 

Playa Caracol has bathrooms and lifeguards on duty. There is a small parking lot, but it fills up fast, so if you are arriving in a car, make sure to get there early to find a spot to park. 

#9 Playa Tortugas

Playa Tortugas is located at kilometer 8, and it is where you will find the ferries to cross to Isla Mujeres. Lots of people come to this area to catch the ferries or to hang out for the day.

This beach is popular and draws a big crowd of both locals and tourists. It has a lively atmosphere and is a great spot if you want a more party atmosphere, versus a quiet beach where you can relax. 

The water is calm and shallow at Playa Tortugas, making it easy to get into the water. Just be careful of a few rocks that can be hiding in the sand.

If you are looking to have some fun, you can try to get into a game of beach volleyball. The courts are very popular here.

If you want something more thrilling, there is a bungee jumping facility that hangs over the water.

Playa Tortugas
Playa Tortugas – photo from Canva

The area around Playa Tortugas is filled with bars and restaurants. Many of them have beachfront seating.

You can get a snack and drink with great views and enjoy the party atmosphere. If you want to bring your own supplies to enjoy on the beach, there are several convenience stores in the area too. 

Playa Tortugas is a popular beach, so if you plan to drive there, you will need to get there early to get a parking spot.

Like most beaches in the area, you can rent umbrellas and chairs, and the beach has bathrooms and showers. 

#10 Playa San Miguelito

Playa San Miguelito is located at kilometer 13.8, just south of Playa Marlin. It is one of the lesser-known beaches in the area, and it does not get as crowded as many of the other beaches.

It does not have bathrooms or showers, and you will need to bring all your beach supplies with you.

You might find people renting umbrellas here, but there are no other installations. There is a parking lot at the public beach access point. 

Playa San Miguelito has beautiful white sand and the water can be calm or have moderate waves. This is a great beach to go to relax, away from crowds.

It does not have all the amenities that draw people to many of the other beaches, so if you want a simple day at the beach, this is a great option! 

#11 Playa El Niño Beach

Playa El Niño is located on the Puerto Juarez to Punta Sam highway just south of the Quintas del Mar hotel.

The white sand and turquoise water are bordered by lots of palm trees, so there are naturally shady areas to relax on this beach.

You can also rent beach umbrellas here for additional shade. The beach has bathrooms, showers, and lifeguards on duty.

Playa El Niño is a great option for families with children or people with limited mobility. The parking lot is next to the beach, so you do not need to walk a long access corridor to get to the beach.

The water is calm, and the access is a gentle slope to shallow water – great for kids to play! There are no restaurants next to the beach, so you will need to pack your own snacks and drinks.

You can sometimes find vendors selling regional snacks such as marquesitas, fresh fruit, or kibis. 

#12 Playa Forum

Playa Forum
Forum Beach – photo from Canva

Playa Forum, sometimes referred to as Playa Largato is located at a kilometer of 9.5 and is just south of Playa Gaviota Azul.

You will use the public beach access at CocoBongo to get to this beach. The beach here is wide with soft, white sand and turquoise water.

This is one of the most popular beaches in all of Cancun. Here you will find locals and tourists enjoying the view.

Several of the famous Cancun clubs are in this area, and you can hear music from the beach. There are also several beachfront bars and restaurants, where you can sit in the sand and have your food and drinks delivered to you.

This beach has a lively atmosphere and you can find tour operators selling parasailing, snorkeling trips, banana boat rides, and any other tourist activity you can think of! 

If you want to save some money, you do not need to visit one of the beachfront restaurants. You can rent umbrellas and chairs and bring your own cooler with snacks.

Near the beach access point, there are convenience stores and a grocery store where you can stock up on supplies if necessary. 

The water here is less protected than at Playa Gaviota Azul. You will need to use caution because water conditions vary by the day.

Some days are calmer, while others have strong currents and waves. There are lifeguards on duty, a first aid station, and bathrooms and showers. 

#13 Playa Delfines   

If you have looked online for pictures of Cancun beaches, chances are you have seen Playa Delfines. This huge stretch of beach has amazingly white sand and blue water.

Cancun Playa Delfines at Sunset
Playa Delfines at sunset

The beach is dotted with inviting small palapas where you can get some shade. Playa Delfines is unique to other Cancun beaches because there are no hotels, resorts, or restaurants on the beach- this is just a huge area of undeveloped beach. 

Playa Delfines is located at kilometer 20 and is popular with tourists and locals. You can do it all here- whether you like to go for long walks on the beach, find a relaxing, sunny spot, or hit the waves and go surfing.

You can rent surfboards here, and despite being away from restaurants and hotels, this beach has it all, including a large palapa for shade and a play area for children.

You can rent umbrellas and chairs, and there are often vendors selling snacks on the beach. There are no nearby stores though, so make sure to bring whatever supplies you will need. 

The water can be rough at Playa Delfines with strong currents and waves. You will often see surfers catching waves here.

Be careful if you are going to get into the water, and never go out deep. There are lifeguards on duty here, and they can help direct you away from areas that could have dangerous rip currents. 

Punta Cancun Aerial View
Punta Cancun Beaches aerial view

Best beaches near Cancun

The amazing beaches in the Cancun area are not limited to the Hotel Zone. You can get out of Cancun and explore many more amazing beaches in the area.

Here are our top recommendations: 

#14 Playa El Cocal (Isla Mujeres)

Playa El Cocal is located on Isla Mujeres just to the northeast of Playa Norte. This amazing beach has calm and clear turquoise water and fine white sand.

Around this beach, you will find restaurants and beach clubs, where you can be served your food and drinks while lounging on the beach. 

The water here is shallow and calm, making it a great spot to swim or wade in the water. 

#15 Playa Norte (Isla Mujeres)

Whether you are staying on Isla Mujeres, or want to take the ferry across for a day trip, beach lovers do not want to miss Playa Norte.

This beach shows up on lists of the best beaches in the world- for good reason. 

It has bright white sand and clear, turquoise water. You can bring your towel and find a spot to relax on the beach or treat yourself at one of the different beach clubs and restaurants.

This is a great spot to get into the clear water because it is shallow with no big waves or strong currents. 

#16 Playa Lancheros (Isla Mujeres)

Playa Lancheros
Playa Lancheros – photo from Canva

Playa Lancheros is located in the southwestern part of Isla Mujeres. The edge of the beach is filled with palm trees that provide you shade, and the water is calm, with gentle waves, and great for swimming. 

There is a restaurant with the same name here that is famous for serving fish Tikin Xic. You can either visit the restaurant or bring your own supplies and find a spot on the beach to relax. 

#17 Playa Isla Blanca (Isla Blanca)

If you want to get away from the crowds, there is nothing better than a trip to Isla Blanca. Located about 20 kilometers north of Cancun, Isla Blanca is not actually an island- just a long, thin strip of beach.

The best way to get to Isla Blanca is with a rental car, and as you drive along the strip of land you will pass a handful of beach restaurants.

You can pay a few dollars to park your car at one of these and enjoy the tranquil beaches. Aside from a few restaurants, there is not much development, so you will need to pack your own umbrella and beach supplies.

This area is popular with kiteboarding and you can often see them sailing from the beach. 

#18 Playa Puerto Morelos (Puerto Morelos)

Puerto Morelos beach
Puerto Morelos beach – photo from Canva

Puerto Morelos is located about 20 minutes south of Cancun. Puerto Morelos beaches are made of long stretches of fine white sand and turquoise water.

You can access the main beach from the town square and walk in either direction to find a great spot to hang out.

Along the way, you will find several beachfront hotels that have chairs and umbrellas that are reserved for their guests, but all the beach is public.

If you head south you will find a long stretch of beach that is popular with locals and tourists. The beaches are boarded with palm trees, providing shade, and are much more low-key than the lively beaches in Cancun. 

#19 Playa Maroma (Punta Maroma)

Playa Maroma is located about 35 kilometers south of Cancun before you reach Playa del Carmen. This amazing beach has bright white sand and the water has several different shades of blue and turquoise.

You can spend your day relaxing on the beach here or enjoy a variety of different water sports. You can go out on a snorkeling excursion, try jet skiing, or parasailing.

Not only is this area famous for its amazing beach, but there is good snorkeling just off the shore, just be careful of passing boats and jet skis.

There are several resorts in Playa Maroma or you can visit the beach for the day at one of the beach clubs. 

Maroma beach, Riviera Maya

Cancun Beaches that allow the dog access 

Almost all of the beaches in Cancun do not allow you to bring your dog, except Playa Punta Nizuc.

Located at kilometer 25, this is the only beach where you can take your dog to run on the sand and splash in the water. 

When you arrive at Playa Punta Nizuc you will find a large sign that outlines the rules for having your dog on the beach.

Dogs are allowed from 5 am to 11 am and must be on their leash when you take them from the parking lot to the beach.

Once there you are allowed to let them run free but are responsible for your dog behaving with the other dogs there.

As always, you need to be sure to clean up after your dog. 

Best beach resort in Cancun

There are plenty of great beaches you can visit without staying at a beachfront resort, but sometimes there is nothing better than looking out your window and seeing the waves.

There are countless beachfront hotels in Cancun, but here are some with the best beaches:

🏨 Hyatt Ziva Cancun

Hyatt Ziva Cancun
Hyatt Ziva – photo © Expedia

The Hyatt Ziva Cancun is located on a peninsula near Punta Cancun and is surrounded by water on three sides, making for incredible views of the turquoise water.

The water here is calm and perfect for swimming and snorkeling. All rooms have ocean views, and this resort is family-friendly.

You can upgrade to rooms that have floating swim-up suites. The resort has a microbrewery, and you can enjoy oceanfront live music and meals.

There are three infinity pools, a kid’s club, and a rooftop bar to enjoy as well as 8 restaurants and 10 bars. 


🏨 Intercontinental Presidente Cancun 

InterContinental Presidente Cancun Resort
Intercontinental Presidente – photo © Expedia

The Intercontinental Presidente is located on a great stretch of swimmable beach. This resort has a large, beachfront pool, wellness center, and spa.

There are multiple dining options offering Mediterranean and International cuisine as well as a breakfast cafe. 


🏨 Iberostar Selection Cancun

Iberostar Selection Cancun All Inclusive hotel
Iberostar Selection – photo © Expedia

The Iberostar Selection is located in the middle of the Hotel Zone on a huge stretch of beautiful beach.

This all-inclusive resort is great for travelers of all ages, it has a kid’s club, pools, and a golf course.

There are six restaurants and seven bars to enjoy and the resort has live entertainment. There is an on-site dive shop if you want to get off the beach into the ocean, as well as a fitness center and spa. 


Best beach club in Cancun

Cancun is famous for its great nightlife – but the great atmosphere is not limited to nighttime. There are many beach clubs with a day pass that have great drinks and music, all with the white sand under your feet.

If you are looking for a lively atmosphere right on the beach, check out these beach clubs. 

Chicabal Sunset Club

Chicabal Sunset Club is a new beach club in Cancun that has a dock, so you can arrive in a yacht, and cabanas.

If you are looking for a trendy, party atmosphere, this is the spot for you. They play modern music and offer urban gastronomy.

It is open from Thursday to Sunday from 1 pm to 7 pm. 

Coco Bongo Beach Club

Coco Bongo Beach Club aims to give you the ultimate beach party experience. They boast high-impact entertainment with live shows filled with stunts and music, all right in front of the beach.

Your entry will give you an open bar, and you can purchase a regular entry, premium entry, or VIP. The beach club is open from 1 pm to 6 pm. 

Mandala Beach Club

Mandala Beach Club is a great spot for a daytime party. It has pools, jacuzzis, and DJs playing music.

You can enjoy tropical drinks in this high-energy setting. It is open every day from 11 am to 6 pm. 

Cancun travel information

How many days should you spend in Cancun?

Cancun is an amazing vacation destination. You could spend days just exploring and enjoying the different beaches, not to mention all the other great activities to do in the area.

There are jungles and cenotes to explore, archeological ruins to visit, and plenty of aquatic activities to do.

El Castillo, Chichen Itza
El Castillo, Chichen Itza – photo from Canva

One of the best things about Cancun is how many flights arrive at its airport. No matter where you are, there are flights that come to Cancun.

If you can’t swing a week or longer vacation, you can still have a great time in Cancun as a long weekend.

That said, you will not have time to do everything you want. Plan at least one week in Cancun, or longer if possible! 

What is the best month to visit Cancun?

It is impossible to say which is the best month to visit Cancun. Thankfully, the weather is generally good all year.

Even in the coolest months, it is still hot enough to enjoy the beach and the ocean. The winter months of November to April are also the driest months of the year.

The weather is a bit cooler, but still hot enough to enjoy the beach, and it is less humid. Because of the consistently great weather, these months are very popular with tourists.

The high season peaks at Christmas, but hotels stay quite busy through April. If you want to come in those months, be sure to book your excursions and accommodations in advance.

If you want to avoid crowds in Cancun, travel during the hotter, wetter summer months. May to October is technically the rainy, hurricane season.

While it is incredibly unlikely there will be a hurricane while you are visiting, it is common for it to rain during these months.

Thankfully, the rain does not usually last all day, and you can still enjoy all the outdoor activities. 

Tips to enjoy your stay in Cancun

There is so much to enjoy in Cancun that it is almost impossible to have a bad time. Still, there are a few tips that can help you make the most of your vacation. 

Have cash. Whether you want to bring it with you from home or take it out of an ATM, make sure you have some cash on you. You will want it to grab some snacks from vendors on the street, go to smaller markets, or use public transportation. Having pesos is the best. Most businesses will accept US dollars, but they can set their own exchange rate. 

Get out and explore. If you are staying at a beachfront resort, it can be easy to want to spend your whole vacation there, but push yourself to get out and explore. If you are interested in ruins, jungle adventures, or visiting a cenote, there is so much to see outside your resort. 

Bring reef-safe sunscreen. This is the best option for protecting the corals, and most tour operators will not let you use chemical-based sunscreens.

Do what the locals do. So many restaurants and resorts cater to what they think tourists want to eat. If you want to really experience the local cuisine, go where the locals go. Whether it is tacos from a taco truck or an ice cream, follow the local’s lead. 

Establish taxi fare before getting in. Nothing ruins your day faster than feeling like you’ve been taken advantage of. Get the exact amount the taxi will charge you before getting in, do not wait until you arrive at your destination. 


What part of Cancun has the best beaches?

Cancun is such a popular beach destination because there are amazing beaches all over! Almost all of the beaches have fine, white sand and clear turquoise water.

The hotel zone is full of great beaches, with several public access points. From downtown until kilometer 8.5 you will find protected beaches.

These beaches have calmer waters and less current, making them ideal for swimming or for children to play.

After that, the water can have stronger waves or currents, so you need to be careful getting in the water. 

What is the most popular beach in Cancun?

There are many popular beaches in Cancun that can get lively and crowded. One of the most popular beaches is Playa Delfines.

Playa Delfines
Playa Delfines, Cancun, Mexico – photo from Canva

This amazing beach is on a resort-free stretch of beach, has a large stretch of white sand, and amazing water. 

Does Cancun have white sand beaches?

Yes, Cancun has picturesque white sand beaches, and clear water that takes on amazing blue and turquoise colors. 

Which beach in Cancun has the clearest water?

In general, all of the beaches have clear water. You will be able to appreciate the clear water in areas with fewer waves.

Playa Maroma is a great beach to take in the clear water and see the different shades of blue it has!

Which part of Cancun has a calm beach?

From downtown until kilometer 8.5 the beaches are generally calmer. These beaches are situated along the top of the seven shapes that the Hotel Zone creates.

Here you will have shallow water, no current, and hardly any waves.

Can you walk on the beach at night in Cancun?

It is not a good idea to walk on the beach at night in Cancun. If you are staying in a resort and they have a nighttime security guard on the beach, you can go on to the beach, but stay within the eye-sight of the security guard. 

Where is the main beach in Cancun?


All along the Hotel Zone there are public beach accesses. Some of the most popular beaches are accessed through the Coco Bongo public access point.

You can find everything here- tour operators, beachfront restaurants and bars, and umbrellas and chairs to rent. 

Does Cancun or Tulum have better beaches?

Both Cancun and Tulum have incredible beaches with fine, white sand and clear water. In general, the water is calmer in Tulum, making it easy to get into the water from any beach. 

Are beaches in Cancun swimmable?

It depends on what beach you go to. From downtown to kilometer 8.5, the beaches generally have shallow entry points and calm water.

As you continue south on the Hotel Zone, the water is less protected and there can be strong waves and currents.

These beaches have lifeguards on duty who will help tell you where rip currents can form and when to stay out of the water. 

Is Playa del Carmen beach better than Cancun?

Playa del Carmen has a more laid-back vibe than Cancun. The beaches here are generally not as wide as in Cancun, but still have white sand and clear water.

You will need to try out both to decide what area you prefer! 

What is the prettiest beach in Mexico?

Mexico has so many beautiful beaches, it is impossible to pick which one is the prettiest. Cancun and the Riviera Maya are home to some of the best beaches in Cancun and the world.

They have bright, white sand and clear water. Plus, the water temperature is ideal year-round to get in and enjoy!

Final Thoughts: Best Beaches in Cancun

Cancun is famous for its amazing beaches. Whether you want to find a relaxing spot with calm waters or a lively beach where you can feel the party vibes, you will find it in Cancun.

The best beaches in Cancun all have soft, white sand, and clear water. Even if you are staying at a beachfront resort, if you are a beach lover, you do not want to miss getting out and exploring the top beaches in Cancun.

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