13 Adventure Parks in Cancun That You Must Visit on Your Trip (2023)

Are you wondering what the best adventure parks in Cancun are?

Adventure parks in Cancun are something you do not want to miss on your next Cancun vacation.

If you need some serious excitement after a few days of lounging at the beach, there is an adventure park that is calling your name.

When people think of Cancun, their mind automatically goes to beautiful beaches, clear water, and great entertainment- but many forget that there are world-class adventure parks to visit in the area.

Whether you prefer to go on a zip line, enjoy a water park, or check out thrilling rides, you can find it.

Want to learn more about Cancun’s adventure parks? Keep reading to learn what each park has to offer- now the hard part will be deciding which ones to visit!

🔴 Please note that we will include all the available adventure parks in Cancun for the sake of information but we don’t support any sort of activity that implies keeping animals from their natural environment. That includes swimming with dolphins in dolphin parks and we advise against participating in these sorts of activities as it goes against our ethical values. Dolphins are wild animals, not pets, and need to live in the wild in the ocean. Nowhere else. Please be mindful of it.

Adventure Parks in Cancun: Top Picks

Everyone has a different idea of what a fun adventure is. Thankfully, there are several different parks in the Cancun area, each with different draws.

You can find everything from roller coasters to water parks, to eco-archaeological parks where you will learn more about Maya history.

The top adventure parks will give you thrills in a safe and fun environment. 

We put together this list of parks where you will have a great time and intentionally left several famous Cancun area parks off the list.

Cancun All-Inclusive Family Resorts with Water Park
There are a ton of adventure parks in Cancun you must try! – Photo from Canva

A word on swimming with dolphins (PLEASE READ)

Unfortunately, many of the large adventure parks in the Cancun area offer swim-with-dolphin experiences. We do not support this activity or want to support the parks that offer it. 

Swim with dolphin experiences are marketed as educational, and we are shown pictures of people interacting with what appear to be smiling, happy dolphins to encourage us to pay for these experiences.

In reality, dolphin encounters are unethical.

Dolphins held in captivity are forced to live in small areas, are separated from their pods, and as a result of this suffer from health problems.

Dolphins held in captivity cannot live as they would in nature- swimming, foraging, and mating.

Instead, they are forced to perform tricks for our enjoyment and current research shows us all the harm this causes them. 

We are now learning the extent to which dolphins suffer living in captivity, and hope that this practice ends for good.

To do our part, we are not supporting parks that still offer swim with dolphin experiences, and hope you will consider doing the same.

There are many ways to have a thrilling vacation that does not rely on the suffering of animals.  

Dolphin swimming
We do not support parks that offer swimming with the dolphins and hope you’ll consider doing the same. These animals have the right to go back into their natural habitats.

The Best Adventure Parks in Cancun, Mexico 

1. Xplor adventure park Cancun and Xplor Fuego

Xplor Adventure park is the spot for adrenaline junkies.

Xplor and Xplor Fuego are the same parks, but Xplor Fuego is the name that it operates under at night.

If you want to add an extra layer to the thrills here, you can do it all by the light of torches and bonfires with Xplor Fuego. 

Xplor park will get your heart racing.

When you first arrive at the park you will be given a safety briefing and fitted with your helmet. From there you can check out the five major attractions the park has to offer.

The most famous are the zip lines. Xplor boasts that it is the most visited zip-line park in the world. The first zip line starts at over 140 feet up in the air, and the last line finishes underground! 

You will get the chance to drive amphibious vehicles through the mud and jungle- even crossing hanging bridges. If you plan to drive the vehicle, you’ll need to bring your driver’s license with you.

The park has two different underground cave attractions. In one, you will paddle through the underground rivers on a raft using hand paddles.

In the other attraction, you will put on a lifejacket and float and swim through the underground river system. The underground rivers are in caves that are filled with amazing stalactites to enjoy.

The last major attraction is called the hammock splash. You will ride a hammock down a zip line, ending with a splash into a cenote. 

Xplor is located in the jungle, and you will have beautiful views to enjoy while zip-lining. Your entrance to the park includes unlimited access to their buffet and juice bars.

This park does not have add-on activities for an additional cost. The only things that are not included are the photo package and souvenirs. 

Xplor is a great option for people looking for a thrilling day.

It is not ideal for families with young children. Children under five years old are not allowed at the park, and children under 8 may not be allowed at all of the attractions.

Children will need to meet size and weight requirements to ensure the zip-lining harness properly fits them. 

Xplor is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Xplor Fuego is open from 5:30 pm to 11 pm. It is located just south of Playa del Carmen

Woman ziplining in blue helmet
Calling all adrenaline junkies! Try out ziplining at Xplor Adventure Park! – Photo from Canva

2. Xel-Ha Water Park

Xel-Ha is a great adventure park for people who love water activities.

Xel-Ha is located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, just south of Akumal. From Cancun, it will take about an hour and a half to get there. 

Xel-Ha is located on a natural inlet, providing a large lagoon with clear water and lots of marines. Here you can get into the water and snorkel and swim.

The lagoon is surrounded by nature, including mangroves and the jungle.

Throughout the park, there are plenty of hammock areas to relax and enjoy the surroundings. 

If you want more thrilling attractions you can do the overwater zip lines, go down the high-speed slides, and test your courage by doing the cliff jumps into the water.

The park has over 20 different attractions, including the scenic lighthouse which is also a waterslide, lazy river floats, bike paths, and floating bridges. 

Xel-Ha is a great place for families with children and adults of all ages.

Kids will love the children’s world. Everyone in the family will enjoy floating on the lazy rivers, spending time at the beautiful inlet, and walking through the gardens.

Your admission to Xel-Ha includes unlimited food and drink, including alcoholic beverages. You can upgrade your admission and add on snuba, animal encounters, and spa experiences for an additional cost. 

It is no surprise that Xel-Ha is one of the most popular adventure parks in Mexico. It is a great spot for guests of all ages. The park provides snorkel equipment and life jackets to all guests.

This park is best for guests who enjoy getting wet and spending time in the water. It is open daily from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. 

woman snorkeling near the corals
Explore the beautiful coral reefs in Xel-Ha. – Photo from Canva

3. Selvatica Cancun

Selvatica has won the title of the best adventure park in Cancun for the last 13 years, so if you are looking for a thrilling day, this is the park for you.

Selvatica is located in the heart of the jungle, around 45 minutes from Cancun. 

Selvatica offers a variety of exciting activities, including zip-lining, ATV rides through the jungle, and swimming in a cenote. They even offer a Mexology class- learning to mix cocktails with Mexican spirits!

You can choose an entrance package that offers you the activities you want.

The tours last between 3 and 6 and a half hours- depending on how many activities you will do. 

For most people, the biggest draw to Selvatica is the zip lining. The park has over 10 different zip lines that give you the thrill of flying over the jungle. They even have the Tarzania zip-line, where you will lay your face down! 

The “Gimme All” package includes a bit of everything the park has to offer. You start your day with the zip-lining, a hike on aerial bridges, and then load onto 4×4 vehicles for a muddy tour through the jungle.

You finish your day with a swim in a refreshing cenote. You can either climb a ladder down into the water or do the aqua zip- a zip-line that drops you into the water! 

Selvatica Park is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm. The park is known for its great staff, making sure you are safe and having fun at all times.

It is a great option for people looking for a dose of adrenaline while on vacation. Most of the tours have a minimum age requirement of 8 years old. 

Cenote diving in Cancun Mexico
Wanna experience one of the cenotes in Cancun? Check out Selvatica! – Photo from Canva

4. Xenotes Cancun

Xenotes Cancun is not an adventure park in the traditional sense. It is not a single park that you will go visit, instead, it is a tour to visit four different cenotes.

Cenotes are freshwater sinkholes that connect the surface to a vast underwater river system. There are countless cenotes all over the Yucatan Peninsula.

All of the cenotes are different- some have large, open pools, while others are partially submerged- creating dramatic overhead environments. 

The Xenotes Cancun tour takes you to four different cenotes. You will not only get to enjoy the natural beauty of the cenotes but have a bit of adventure too.

At one of the cenotes, you will do an assisted rappel down over 80 feet to find the water of the cenote. Once at the water level, you will be able to swim around partially overhead environments and admire the rock formations.

Other cenote sites have zip lines leading to the water. You will splash down off the zip-line into the cool, refreshing cenote water.

During the day you will also have the chance to test your courage by cliff-jumping into the cenotes. The tour also includes an open cenote where you can kayak and snorkel

Xenotes Cancun tour includes transportation from your hotel to the four different cenotes. The tour is done in small groups, to maximize your enjoyment.

Lifejackets, snorkel gear, and food and drinks are included in your ticket price. 

Xenotes Cancun runs tours from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday. This tour is great for people who love to be in the water.

You do not have to be an excellent swimmer to enjoy the tour since lifejackets are provided. Children must be at least 5 years old to participate in the tour. 

Cancun Cenotes Cave - Gocity Cancun Pass
One of the cenote caves in Cancun. – Photo from Canva

5. Xoximilco Cancun

Xoximilco Cancun is a dinner cruise where you will travel through canals while enjoying traditional Mexican music, food, and drinks.

Xoximilco Cancun is modeled after Xochimilco in Mexico City. There, canals are leftovers from prehispanic lakes and lagoons. There, you can enjoy similar cruises with food, drinks, music, and great parties.

You will board a traditional boat called a trajinera for your cruise through the canals at Xoximilco Cancun. The entire property is beautifully decorated with themes for all 32 states of Mexico.

The cruise lasts approximately 3 hours and you will be treated to live, traditional Mexican music including Mariachi. 

You will enjoy a menu of traditional Mexican food from all over the country. There is an open bar serving beer and tequila.

The tour is open to anyone over 5 years old; however, it is a party atmosphere and most suited to teenage and adult guests. 

Xoximilco Cancun is located twenty minutes south of the Cancun airport. It is open Monday to Saturday from 7:15 pm- 12:00 am. 

Colourful boats ready for boarding in Cancun - one of the must-see adventure parks in Cancun!
Ride these traditional boats named Trajinera in Cancun! – Photo from Canva

6. Xenses Cancun

Xenses Cancun is a sensory park, located just 15 minutes south of Playa del Carmen. You might be wondering, what exactly is a sensory park?

It is like an enormous fun house, with 15 different attractions designed to test your 5 senses and play with your mind. 

Xenses does not have the adrenaline-producing attractions that many of the adventure parks in the Cancun area have.

Instead, it is a park where you will explore different activities that are designed to play with your mind. The park is filled with optical illusions.

The park is designed in a large pinwheel form, and you have two different routes to take through the park, the path of feeling and the path of doing.

Both paths are filled with interactive exhibits meant to test your senses. Some of the major highlights are the Xensatorium, where you will be in complete darkness and need to feel your way through a maze.

There are a few thrilling activities, such as the high-speed water slide, a zipline that gives you the sensation of a bird flying through the jungle, and river floats. 

In addition to all the attractions, Xenses has beautiful hammock gardens for relaxing. Unlike some parks that have add-on activities for an extra cost, there is only one admission ticket to Xenses.

The admission includes access to all the attractions and a locker to store your belongings.

The admission does not include food or drinks, but there is an on-site restaurant.

Throughout the park, there are stationary cameras with fun backgrounds. The photo package is not included in your admission to the park. 

Xenses is a great park for people who do not want the adrenaline rush that the more thrilling adventure parks provide.

It is a good park for people who cannot handle the physical demands of the larger, more thrilling parks. It is great for children, and open to children 5 years old and older. 

A family of three enjoying their stay at the park
Have fun with your family at one of the must-see adventure parks in Cancun! – Photo from Canva

7. Native Park Playa Del Carmen

Native Park Playa del Carmen is located just south of Playa del Carmen. This park offers everything you want to have a great jungle adventure.

Entrance to the park includes a 4×4 ATV drive through the jungle.

From there you will have the chance to fly over the vegetation on the zipline circuit. You will even have the chance to lie down and fly like superman over the trees! 

Your tour includes a traditional Mayan ceremony. This is conducted by a local Shaman. You will have a hike through the jungle that will end with a refreshing swim in a cenote.

Throughout the tour, your guide will point out local vegetation and explain how cenotes were formed. 

The tour at Native Park lasts around 3.5 hours. It includes food and drinks and the use of a locker. The park is open daily from 8 am to 3 pm. The minimum age to participate in the tour is 6 years old.

This is a great adventure park for people who want a taste of many of the typical adventure activities, without spending the entire day at an adventure park. 

8. Piston Pueblo Cancun

Piston Pueblo is located just south of the Cancun Airport. This adventure park has many different activities to offer guests. The park offers three different packages to guests.

The all-inclusive package gives guests the chance to drive ATVs, go on a horseback ride, walk on the hanging bridges, take a refreshing swim in a cenote, zip-line, give food and drinks, and includes transportation from their hotel. 

If you are not interested in all of those activities, you can choose the general access package. This includes zip-lining, the chance to drive an ATV or go on a horseback ride, walking on the hanging bridges, swimming in the cenote, and food and drinks.

If your main interest is either driving the ATVs or going on a horseback ride, you can choose the ATV package. This allows you to choose to drive the ATV or go for a horseback ride, swim in the cenote, and have food and drinks. 

One thing that sets Piston Pueblo apart from the other adventure parks is the monster truck rides. Everyone will enjoy loading onto the monster truck and having the chance to fight off the zombies that attack you. 

Piston Pueblo is located in the jungle, just outside of Cancun. You will enjoy the beautiful setting and exciting attractions. It is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. 

Woman riding a horse
Wanna try horseback riding? It’s available at Piston Pueblo! – Photo from Canva

9. Xavage Park Cancun

Xavage Park Cancun is one of the newest adventure parks in the area. This park is designed to give you big thrills with its high-adrenaline attractions.

There is a ropes course, where you can pick your level of difficulty, with the highest course being over 100 feet off the ground. You will have to navigate your way through a series of obstacles while wearing a safety harness.

The park has a zipline circuit. You will be in a superman position, facing down for the entire course!

There is a man-made whitewater rafting course. You will get on a boat with six other passengers and a guide who will help you navigate the extreme rapids.

The park has monster truck vehicles that you will need to drive through a course filled with mud pits and large rocks.

There is a river you can kayak through.

The last attraction is called the Splash Zone and is a water park with slides for kids 12 and under. 

There are two different admission tickets to choose from. The basic admission only gives you access to the kayaks, ropes course, and splash zone.

The all-inclusive ticket gives you access to all seven activities, and you can repeat the activities as many times as you would like.

Both admissions include food and drinks.

There is no alcohol served at Xavage Park because of safety concerns with guests drinking alcohol while doing adventure activities. 

Throughout the park, there are Xelfie areas to take your picture.

The park also has cameras capturing you while you do the activities. You can choose to purchase the pictures for an additional cost.  

Xavage is open from 8:30 to 5 pm Monday to Saturday. The park is open for children 5 years old and up; however, children must be at least 4ft tall to participate in some activities.

This park is ideal for older teenagers and adults. The activities are extreme, so it is not good for people with severe fear of heights or mobility issues. 

Two people kayaking in Cancun
Kayaking in one of the less extreme options at Xavage Park Cancun! – Photo from Canva

10. Extreme Adventure Park Cancun

Extreme Adventure Cancun is located in Puerto Morelos, on the Ruta de Cenotes, about 20 minutes from Cancun.

Here you will have the chance to enjoy many different activities including ATV rides through the jungle, zip-lining, horseback riding through the jungle, snorkeling, and swimming in a cenote. 

Extreme Adventure Park Cancun has a variety of different packages to choose from, so you can pick exactly what activities interest you.

There are packages that include ATV rides in the jungle, zip-lining above the trees, and a swim in a cenote.

If you want something more relaxing, you can sign up for the snorkel, where you will get a chance to snorkel the beautiful coral reef in front of Puerto Morelos.

All tours include bilingual guides and all the safety equipment necessary, as well as food and drinks. 

Extreme Adventure Park Cancun is located in the heart of the jungle, so no matter what activities you choose, you will be surrounded by beautiful nature.

Children must be at least 5 years old and over 4ft tall to participate in most of the activities. The park is open daily from 9 am-5 pm. 

ATV ride
ATV rides are one of the things you need to experience during your stay in Cancun! – Photo from Canva

11. Xcaret Adventure Park

Xcaret, pronounced ish-ka-ret, is one of the most famous adventure parks in Quintana Roo, and for good reason- this park is huge and has something for everyone in the family!

Xcaret opened in 1990 and is located just south of Playa del Carmen.

It is a great place to experience the area’s nature and it is surrounded by jungle, with underground rivers, all next to the ocean. 

You will want to plan your day at Xcaret because it is hard to fit in all the activities the park has to offer. With your admission, you will have access to a coral reef aquarium, butterfly gardens, and aviary.

The park is home to jaguars, manatees, and spider monkeys, among animals which are unfortunately in cages instead of being free in their natural environmnent.

Nature lovers will enjoy the orchid and bromeliad museum and see regional plants in the jungle trails.

Water lovers will get a chance to snorkel and enjoy the underground rivers, and natural seawater pools. You can see sea turtles and crocodiles on your visit. 

Xcaret is famous for creating a park that brings together nature, adventure, and Mexican and Mayan culture.

At the park you can visit Mayan ruins and learn more about Mexican culture, the park even includes a Museum of Mexican Popular Art.

One of the biggest draws of Xcaret park is the show called the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular.

The show begins at 7 pm and lasts around two to two and a half hours, and is an amazing way to end your day. The show tells the story of Mexico’s history, complete with music and dancing with over 300 performers! 

There are add-on activities Xcaret offers for an additional price. These activities include a speed boat tour, snorkeling, snuba, and several on-site restaurants. 

Xcaret is open daily from 8:30 am to 10 pm. If you can, go on the weekends, they are the least crowded days. 

Xcaret Mexico
Xcaret, the most famous adventure park in Cancun! – Photo from Canva

What can you do at an adventure park?

As you can see, adventure parks are designed to give you a thrilling day, full of fun. Everyone’s idea of fun is different, and the parks offer a variety of activities to choose from. 

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, several of the parks offer zip-lining. Every park’s zip-lining tour is different, but the idea of them all is to give you the sensation of flying while enjoying the beautiful jungle scenery.

Some parks have zip lines where you will be in the superman position, or laying face down!

Other thrilling activities you can find at the parks are high-speed water slides, cliff jumping into cenotes, and ATV rides.

All the parks will provide you with proper safety equipment, such as harnesses and helmets, and a safety briefing.

These activities are meant to get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping in a safe way. 

If you want something a little tamer than zip-lining or ATV rides, adventure parks have plenty of fun to offer.

The parks are all located in beautiful jungle settings, and many offer refreshing swims in cenotes.

Cenotes are fresh-water sinkholes that connect an extensive underground river system with the surface.

The 15 Best Cenote Tours from Cancun in 2023

Some will have Tarzan swings into them, or you can simply climb down a ladder and enjoy the water. If you snorkel in a cenote you will see amazing rock formations! 

Your day will fly by at an adventure park, and you will work up an appetite. Many of the parks include food and beverages with the admission- but be sure to check with whatever package you purchase.

Overall, adventure parks are the spot to go if you want a day of fun and the chance to do extreme activities. 

Practical information about adventure parks in Cancun

Adventure parks are all about having fun. You want to make the most out of your day, so here is some practical information you need to make your plans. 

Xcaret Eco-Archaeological Park
Amazing view from one of the adventure parks Cancun has to offer!

👉🏻 Can you spend the night in the parks?

No, you cannot spend the night at the parks. Many of the parks have the option to include transportation with your entrance admission. They will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. The parks themselves do not offer accommodations. 

👉🏻 Food and drinks

Depending on what park you are visiting, when you add time for transportation and the time you spend at the park, it will be a long, fun day.

All the fun activities are bound to work up an appetite, too!

The good news is, none of the parks wants you to go hungry. Some parks will include snacks, drinks, or even a meal with your package.

When you pick your adventure park, make sure to read the details of what your entrance includes. Some parks do not include food or drinks but have the option to purchase food on-site.

If that is the case with your package, be prepared and take money to get yourself a snack. Nothing will ruin your fun faster than getting overly hungry!

man trying Mexican food
Some parks have complimentary food in your package, some don’t. Fear not, there are a lot of food booths in each adventure park.

👉🏻 Minimum age to enter the activities

The minimum age required to enter parks and participate in the activities varies by park and activity. Most adventure parks have a minimum age of 5 to enter the park.

In addition to the age limit, children will need to meet height and size requirements to ensure that safety equipment properly fits. The harnesses for zip-lining will need to be snug, and the guide will determine if it properly fits a small child. 

Tours that include driving ATVs or other vehicles will require that the driver be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

Some tours will also require you to pay an additional insurance fee to drive the vehicles. 

If you have young children in your group, you will need to check the minimum age requirements for the park you want to visit.

Also remember, even if a child meets the age requirement, it does not mean that they will enjoy all the activities.

Some of the more thrilling activities can be best enjoyed by teenagers and adults- so think about what your child would enjoy before purchasing park entrances.

The parks make the minimum age requirement both for the safety of the children, and to make sure everyone who visits the park has a great time. 

Kids in full gear
Make sure to check the age requirements in each park! – Photo from Canva

👉🏻 How to get to the parks

There are many different ways to get to adventure parks. The parks do not want transportation to be a headache for their guests, so most offer transportation options.

When you purchase your tickets for the larger parks, you will have the opportunity to add round-trip transportation to the ticket. This will get you a ride on the park’s buses, and they will stop at many hotels to pick up guests.

If you want an even faster, easier way to get to the park, you can pay more for private transportation.

Some of the parks include transportation in the cost of your ticket, you do not need to pay extra.

If you have a rental car, you can easily drive yourself to the parks. All of the parks have spacious parking lots. Most of the parks are located off of the main highway, so it is easy to find them.

You can also take a taxi to the park. There will be taxis available at the exit of the park to bring you back to your hotel at the end of the day. As always, negotiate the price of the taxi before getting in. 

Tips for visiting adventure parks

Visiting an adventure park is exciting, but it can also be a bit overwhelming knowing what to expect and what you need to bring with you for the day.

✔️ Regardless of which adventure park you are visiting, you will want to wear comfortable clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. If you are hiking in the jungle, riding ATVS, and doing other extreme activities, you are bound to get a little dirty.

✔️ For many of these activities, you will want to wear sneakers too.

✔️ If you are going to an adventure park with lots of water activities, you might want to invest in a pair of water shoes. These will protect your feet. Many of the park souvenir shops will sell water shoes but at a much higher rate. 

✔️ Most adventure parks will provide lockers to store your things during the day.

✔️ If you are doing any water activities, you will need to pack a swimsuit and a pair of dry clothes to change into. You will be much more comfortable on your ride back to your hotel after changing into dry clothes. 

✔️ You do not need to bring much with you to the adventure parks, but you will want to pack some cash. Depending on what type of tour you take, you may have a guide who you will want to tip at the end of the day. You may also find you want some extra money with you for extra snacks or if you want to purchase something. 

✔️ Many of the adventure parks are in the jungle, so you will not spend a lot of your day in direct sunlight, but you still may want to use sunscreen. Many of the parks will require that you only use biodegradable sunscreen to help protect the natural environment. Make sure your sunscreen is mineral based and biodegradable before heading to the parks. 


Does Cancun have a theme park?

Yes! There are several different adventure parks to choose from near Cancun. The parks are located in Cancun and along the Riviera Maya, making them easy to visit for tourists visiting Quintana Roo. 

 Why is Xcaret Park famous?

Xcaret is one of the first parks from the Xcaret group to open and they did a great job with entertaining their guests with so many activities and all-inclusive packages. However, keep in mind that they do dolphin encounters which is one of the most unethical things they could do. Since there are so many other options we discourage you from going there.

How many attractions does Xcaret Park have?

There are about 50 natural and cultural marvels at Xcaret park, where the Caribbean Sea, lush jungle, underground rivers, spectacular shows, and more.

What is the difference between Xcaret and Xplor?

Xcaret is located on the seaside while Xplor is in the jungle. The second one offers more thrilling adventures while Xcaret is more chilled and relaxed and you can have some beach time too.

How long do people spend at Xplor?

Usually, the activities overall require at least 4 hours, then it’s up to you how much time you have to hang out and enjoy the restaurants and the surroundings.

Final Thoughts: Adventure Parks in Cancun

Visiting an adventure park in Cancun is a great way to spend a day of your vacation. If you need something more thrilling than relaxing on the beach, there are options for you!

All the parks are different, but many offer zip-lining, ATV rides, and waterslides- all intended to give you an adrenaline rush!

If those activities are not your thing, don’t worry, there are parks that offer you a different type of adventure with the chance to hike in the jungle and swim in the clear waters of a cenote.

Regardless of what type of adventure you are looking for, there is a park in Cancun for you. 

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